Wednesday, January 30th

On the CL’s patio, Anna tries to get Fen to focus on the song they’re writing. She doesn’t agree that he’s a start. Well, his phone is blowing up like he is. When his phone pings again, Anna grabs it. Having had no luck, Kyle comes out to ask Anna if anyone’s running Lily’s modelling division at Hamilton Winters. Afraid not – Fen and Kyle then exchange insults. Summer will realize what a jerk you are. After Kyle leaves, Anna tries to corral Fen’s attention.

Billy wants to be more than the Father of Vikki’s kids. She can’t get past him wanting Phyllis back before turning to here. Phyllis is the reason Billy is there.

Phyllis and Nick would rather not talk about JT. Summer thinks him the poster boy for why she’s single. She won’t let what happened to Aunt Vikki sour her off relationships. After Summer leaves, Phyllis whines to Nick – she hates lying to their daughter.

Anna and Fen continue to butt heads. She’s annoyed that he’s not taking his music career seriously – Fen just thinks them different people. I obviously have more riding on this than you do, Anna leaves Fen to answer his phone; you want me to do what?

At Jabot, Phyllis is impressed with the models Kyle hired. Lauren comes along to say she’s replaced one of the models – now Kyle’s to find another. He can’t wait to meet who Lauren hired (which she doubts)

Nick drops by the ranch to chat with his Mom (who talks about Katie playing in Victor’s office) I can’t stop worrying, she’s distraught over the stories in the media. She can’t let Victor take the fall for a murder she committed. Guessing she wants to confess, Nick says – no way.

In the photo studio, Kyle’s not thrilled when Fen joins him, Phyllis and Lauren. When he offers to be the other model, Phyllis and Lauren take a seat to watch the show.

Nick wants his Mom to trust in the legal system – Dad’s innocent; you killed JT in self-defence. Nikki wants to confess but is convinced to ‘stay cool’ – Chris and Rey have no evidence to convict you but you’ve been lying to the police for months. Dad won’t go to prison for something he didn’t do. We need to clear him and protect you and the others. Promise you won’t confess.