Wednesday, January 30th

Phyllis and Lauren watch on as Fen and Kyle remove their shirts and pose for the photographer. Shoot over, everyone’s happy (except Kyle when Lauren wants more photos of her son)

Vikki doesn’t need Phyllis and Billy to worry about her, thanks. Billy wants to take things slow; Phyllis made him realize he needs to put Vikki first and earn her love/trust. I want you – what do you want? Vikki wants to make the right decision for once.

Nick continues to convince his Mom that confessing isn’t a good idea. No one will believe you and Vikki moved JT’s body by yourselves. Trust me – promise me; no going to the cops. Nikki agrees and reassures Nick that Victor’s taking good care of her. We’ll get through this, Nick hugs his favourite niece (who’s been playing with her special friend) After Nick leaves, someone watches as Nikki lays on the couch for a nap, Katie playing with her dolls a few feet away.

Now dressed, Kyle bumps into Summer at the elevator. He needles her about Fen but claims it’s none of his business. Summer thinks his relationship with Lola is boring; she can handle herself when it comes to Fen. Phyllis appears to rave about Kyle’s smouldering photo shoot. No surprise there, Summer’s flirting leaves Kyle smiling.

Vikki wants Billy to go. He persists – is it Cane? Phyllis? You’re not avoiding me, you’re avoiding the truth. We’re done, Vikki walks off.

Nikki awakens when her teacup is toppled off the coffee table. Katie? Where are you honey? she looks terrified. A shadow lurks.

Next: Victor is targetted for revenge .. Billy receives distressing news.

My Thoughts: Lauren FENMORE has some nerve sarcastically reminding Kyle that Jabot is a place of business. Yes it’s the business his grandfather founded and she has no business trying to pull rank on him for having a telephone conversation she knows nothing about. How sad that such a dynamic character/actor is relegated to the minor role of ‘annoying busybody’. Glad someone remembers the modelling agency Lily ran from the GCAC. You’d think there’d now be an abundance of out of work models looking for gigs .. And hello – Jabot is a cosmetics company; Fenmore’s is a chain of retail stores. Never mind a hundred miles – there should be models within a hundred feet. And why no female models? If there’s a shortage, why not do a contest (as they’ve done in the past) There’s something a bit icky about Lauren watching her son prancing around trying to be ‘smouldering’.