Wednesday, March 6th, 2019.

The only thing that matters to me is that you’ll be alright, Kyle tells a sleeping Lola that, thanks to her, he now knows what true love is – putting her health and happiness above his own. I owe you so much. When Nate comes in, Kyle updates that Summer’s a match (but will only donate anonymously) Informed that there’s some preparations, Kyle wants the details – he’ll make sure Summer follows through.

Back at the club, Phyllis is astounded to hear that Summer’s engaged to Kyle. Isn’t he in love with Lola? This is happening so fast. Kyle and I have history – he and Lola weren’t serious, Summer prattles on. What’s the rush? Phyllis suspects there’s more going on.

You’ve outdone yourself, Kerry turns her back so Jack can massage her tense shoulders – and confide that Phyllis wants to put her stamp on the company. She wants something big to signal a new era. And to change the narrative, Jack guesses (and is pleased that Kerry’s confiding in him) He can’t help but wonder if Phyllis is floundering and in over her heard. Perhaps it’s time to worry.

Rey denies his credibility took a hit when Victor wasn’t put on trial due to Nikki’s confession. Did the DA make it clear that they needed a conviction this time – that the department couldn’t afford another embarrassing mistake? Britney presses. The Judge interjects – did you and the DA have such a discussion? We all want justice, Rey’s vague. Britney then accuses him of declaring his love for Sharon to get her to confess. That’s ridiculous and insulting, Rey’s indignant. Then your feelings were sincere? You can’t have it both ways Britney persists.

No, Summer’s not pregnant. Then why is this happening now? Phyllis is skeptical. Kyle and I bring out the best in each other, Summer claims – as Kyle arrives. He understands why this might seem unexpected but is sure Summer explained…. Phyllis would like to hear it from Kyle.

I’m a happily married man, Rey testifies. So you tricked my client into believing she could trust you, Britney goes back to her original theory. The entire case against Sharon is based on you manipulating her. You didn’t groom her over time? Britney’s cut off by the Judge. No, Rey wouldn’t call Sharon and the defendants ‘friends’. Britney then paints Sharon as a woman with a good heart – in the wrong place at the wrong time – who made the mistake of believing a detective when he said he loved her (to avoid yet another stain on his career)

Chris establishes that Rey didn’t go to Sharon’s to snoop through her bills or elicit a confession. The date in her phone records stuck out to him. Sharon had been a person of interest before he was brought onto the case. Rey questioned her, Sharon confessed (and was not under duress) Rey telling Sharon he loved her is irrelevant. Even if he had tricked Sharon, it wouldn’t have been illegal. I wasn’t planning to arrest her. She talked – I listened; no need for a Miranda warning. Yes, Rey’s aware that Sharon recanted her confession but that it was corroborated by Phyllis. Since Chris is done and Mike has no questions, Rey exits. Mia follows, but her questions/accusations are cut off by Chris. Your personal problems will have to wait – she needs Rey at the station – NOW.

Back at the club, Summer’s perched on the arm of Kyle’s chair. His hand on her thigh, Kyle assures Phyllis that marrying Summer is what he wants. Lola? She came along while he was at loose ends. We were too different – unlike Summer and I. Kyle’s proposal tumbled out of his mouth before he even knew what he was saying. This is what real love feels like, Summer gushes. Phyllis smiles as the lovebirds share a kiss.