Wednesday, March 6th, 2019.

Jack worries that suppliers, vendors and customers will distance themselves from Phyllis. His loyalty is to Jabot – the company must be in the right hands. Just keep me apprised, he implores. You want inside information to know when it’s the best time to strike? Kerry’s horrified – Phyllis isn’t just my boss, she’s my friend. You’re asking me to betray her.

At the station, Chris demands an explanation – did Rey play on Sharon’s feelings to get a confession? The jury just heard the words ‘manipulate’ and ‘coerce’ – what else haven’t you told me? Rey’s sorry – he should have said something. But Sharon wasn’t on the list to testify – he didn’t think this would come out. Chris understands he’d want to protect his marriage – but not at MY expense!

Now home, Miah makes a beeline for the fridge and guzzles from a beer bottle before putting a hand over her belly (suddenly remembering she’s supposed to be pregnant)

Nikki and Vikki quietly blast Sharon for confessing (which confirmed Phyllis’ testimony) Are you and Rey ….? Sharon explains that he backed away when his wife came to town. She did believe Rey when he said he loved her, but maybe Britney’s right – he was playing me the whole time. Mike then calls his clients aside to announce that he’s changing their strategy.

Jack doesn’t want to second guess Phyllis but is more concerned about the many Jabot employees that depend on solid leadership. He’s been wrestling with what to do. And you’ve spied an opportunity? Kerry balks at being asked to spy on Phyllis. Jack was hoping she’d see the bigger picture but won’t push this. I didn’t say I wouldn’t do it – but there’d have to be something in it for me, Kerry wants an offer – in writing.

If Summer’s happy I’m happy, Phyllis gives the couple her blessing. With ‘I love you’s’, Summer leaves Phyllis to again claim that she’s happy Kyle’s marrying Summer. If you renege she’ll be devastated, she warns.

Yes, Mia came home and cracked open a beer – almost took a drink. That’s how upset she is over what everyone in the courtroom heard – my husband, the Father of my unborn child is in love with another woman, she blasts Rey.

Rey’s testimony damaged you in the eyes of the jury, Mike explains that they heard both Phyllis and Sharon confessing, they need to hear the whole truth from you. Nikki’s more than happy to testify that she was protecting her daughter. No, Mike wants Vikki to take the stand – tell the jury everything about your relationship with JT. I’m putting domestic violence on trial.