Tuesday, March 12th, 2019

Jabot has fierce brand loyalty and the best products on the market (thanks to Kerry) but Phyllis needs to be aggressive to keep the edge. Swearing Kerry to secrecy (including Jack) she confides that Ashley’s new company is a threat – we need to keep her products off the market. Details will follow. Kerry’s impressed that Phyllis has a plan to neutralize Ashley.

Still at CL’s, Summer’s not playing games and won’t let Abby ruin her wedding. You’re just jealous that our wedding might overshadow yours. Maybe you shouldn’t attend. Abby will have a front row seat to this trainwreck.

In the hallway, Nick ignores Tessa as he tells Mariah that she should cut her loose to avoid heartbreak.

Back in the courtroom, Chris asks the Judge to impose the maximum sentence – this is no time for leniency. The punishment must fit the crime. Sharon, Nikki and Vikki look nervous.

Production on Jack of Hearts is underway – Kerry will talk to PR about the launch. She then asks how Phyllis feels about tomorrow’s wedding. She’s semi-supportive of the nuptials but walking down the aisle with Nick will be awkward. Hopefully, Nikki and the others get light sentences.

Summer sends a text to Kyle – everyone will need the wedding to look forward to if it’s bad news. Love you.

Britney pleads Sharon’s case – painting her as a bystander who was coerced by the other defendants and a manipulative detective.

Next, Mike points out that Vikki was attacked in her own home. Nikki did what any Mother would do. Called up as the first character witness, Billy declares Vikki an extraordinary Mother, daughter, friend. We have two small children and a teenage son who need her. JT tried to take everything from Vikki – he would have taken her life. Don’t let him take anything else from her.

Jack speaks on Nikki’s behalf (since Victor can’t be here) She is the glue that holds the Newman family together. He mentions her kindness and generosity – and her MS. She’s one of the best women I know.

Nick’s turn – he cares about all three women; his Mom, sister and the Mother of his children – them going to prison would tear our family into a million pieces. I beg the court, please, show them mercy.