Tuesday, March 12th, 2019

Lastly, an emotional Mariah tells the Judge that Sharon doesn’t have a malicious bone in her body – she counsels victims, feeds the homeless and will set a spider free before killing it. Having missed so many years with her Mom, Mariah doesn’t want Faith to be robbed of her Mother. She hopes the court will show Sharon the compassion that she’s shown others her entire life.

Back at Jabot, Phyllis thanks Kerry for stepping up. Knowing she’s somewhat of a pariah, Kerry’s friendship and loyalty mean a lot to Phyllis. She will not forget. So, let’s get back to work and take this company to the top. Exiting Phyllis’ office, Kerry immediately makes a call – we may have just hit the motherload.

Having taken everything into account (including persuasive witness statements) the Judge must focus on the facts. Vikki was abused but that doesn’t excuse the defendants of taking a life – and the law into their own hands. They were callous and arrogant in thinking they could outsmart law enforcement and face no consequences. As such, the Judge must be harsh in her sentencing. Sharon is sentenced to three years in prison. Vikki, ten years. Nikki, thirty years. The women and everyone in the gallery are devastated.

Next: Victor receives shocking news …. Billy gives Phyllis a reality check.

My Thoughts: What a kangaroo court. Why wasn’t Dr Nate brought in to talk about how detrimental incarceration would be to Nikki’s health with regards to her MS? …. Sharon’s such an asset to the crisis line and the police department as victim liaison but nobody could come in to emphasize that? .. Mike claimed that he was putting domestic violence on trial – but didn’t subpoena Vikki’s therapist to take the stand to try elicit some sympathy? Nate could also testify that he treated Vikki for panic attacks and taught her self defence … Yet again, no media coverage of what should be the scandal of the year (so far) … Oh well – at least they weren’t charged with kidnapping/assaulting Tessa …. Mariah did go a bit overboard in saying that Sharon doesn’t have a malicious bone in her body. JT’s not the first guy she’s killed and buried – and she did burn the ranch to the ground. Perhaps Britney should have brought up all Sharon’s stints in Fairview and tried to get her off with temporary insanity.