Thursday, April 11th, 2019

Upstairs, Kyle’s about to tell Summer when Jack summons him downstairs. It won’t take long. Demanding one more kiss, Summer’s left looking concerned.

Asking for an explanation, Lola tells Rey that Summer loves Kyle and thinks he’ll grow to love her. She saved my life. Yes, Summer will be hurt, but she’ll move on (like Rey did) It was never going to work with Mia. Everything he’s been through no longer matters – because he’s with Sharon. If Kyle’s the one, it will be worth it.

Jack shows Kyle the photos Phyllis hired someone to take. Nothing happened, Kyle insists – well something happened but not what Phyllis thinks. He and Lola just talked about how much they’re in love. Kyle hoped Summer would change her mind on marrying him.

Asked for advice, Jack tells Kyle to make a decision one way or the other. he can buy some time by giving Phyllis what she wants. Kyle’s going upstairs to tell Summer. Think about it – once you say those words, you can’t take them back. Jack cares more about his son than any business deal. Tell Phyllis she can go to hell, Kyle wraps it up.

Mike’s not nearly as excited as Lauren when Phyllis arrives at the club. She doesn’t want to talk about her plan until it’s a lock. You’re worried your machinations will blow up in your face, Mike reminds how deeply Lauren’s invested in this – why are you getting her hopes up? Grabbing her to-go food, Phyllis promises to keep her posted.

Summer awakens to find Kyle looking at her. Everything on track? I have to tell you something – I don’t know how to say it. You slept with Lola didn’t you? Summer guesses.

Jack appears at Phyllis’ suite at the club to say there’s no deal. Nothing happened – the public won’t care about those photos. Kyle’s breaking up with Summer as we speak. He’s got the nerve to dump my daughter after making her donate part of her liver to his girlfriend? Phyllis thinks that story even more damaging. Peddle the photos and story if you want, Jack invites – but it’ll be at Summer’s expense. You don’t want to lose the one ally you have left. When Jack moves in closer – you gambled, you lost. Get the hell out of my room, Phyllis growls. Things will be OK – eventually, Jack says – the smirks and saunters smugly down the hall after hearing a loud crash (Phyllis breaking a mirror)

Kyle was with Lola – we booked a hotel room – but it didn’t go much further than that. It wouldn’t be right. I hate hurting you so much. It sounds weak but it’s true. Summer’s not stupid – she knew it would take time. You didn’t go through with it because you’re not who you used to be. We’te both better than we used to be. We make sense. Maybe you had to prove to yourself that you valued our vows over your feelings for Lola. I forgive you. Stop making yourself miserable. I love you and that’ll never change.

Rey makes Lola a sandwich and admits he hovered – a lot – when she was a kid. You don’t have to worry about me anymore – things are going to get better, starting tonight.