Thursday, April 11th, 2019

As Mike wanders off to take a call, Jack arrives at the club to tell Lauren that her plan with Phyllis just went down in flames. Lauren didn’t know the details. It was classic Phyllis- she outdid herself. You’re my partner, Jabot needs Fenmore’s. Lauren understands but will protect her Father’s company. Jack gives his word – he’ll take both companies to new heights. You don’t need Phyllis anymore. You and I can be an unbeatable team.

Lola looks at the sonogram of her niece or nephew. You were always meant to be a Dad, she tells Rey – it’s not really Arturo’s thing. When he got Sharon’s call, he raced to Memorial afraid he’d go crazy if something happened to this baby – then reminded himself that it might not be his. Lola thinks God will give this to him. You deserve it. It’s our turn to be happy now, both agree ~hug~

This is how it works – us – marriage. Summer’s excited – we both know what’s at stake. We have to earn it together. Tomorrow is a new day. Summer’s going to get some sleep. Lay with me? she turns her light off. Kyle does too and spoons his wife looking trapped.

The focus is on the whole woman – fashion – cosmetics for the empowered woman. We’re going to drive more business to Fenmore’s. Lauren loves the idea. Jack talks of focus on development – direction. It’s good, smart and well defined. Yes, Lauren’s all in ~hug~ Mike returns – am I supposed to be OK with this? Yes – this is the renewal of a beautiful working relationship, Jack and Lauren look happy.

In her suite. Phyllis looks at her reflection in a large shard of glass. She’s a ball of utter defeat and fury.

Next week: I think you’re ruining your Father’s legacy … Asking Rey to investigate his sister’s assault was risky, Chris says. Paul believes he knows more than he’s saying … This is how it should be every night for the rest of our lives. Will you marry me? Billy pops open a Tiffany box to reveal a sparkling engagement ring (for Vikki – of course)