Friday, April 12th, 2019

Traci wishes the best for Cane but won’t get involved in mediating his marriage. He persists – pretend I’m a character in one of your novels; help me find my happy ending.

No, of course Vikki didn’t plan a poker game to see how Billy would react. What are you hiding then? Nikki’s then stunned to hear that Dad’s in Las Vegas. Looking at the photo, she asks who he’s with. Unbelievable! That man has lied to me for the last time!

Billy arrives at the office to hear Jack ending a call – putting out yet another fire. He’s proud of Abby for not taking part in their feud with Ashley. Billy knows their sister isn’t done yet – so, why is Jack smiling so smugly?

Strolling through Chancellor Park, Traci’s taking Cane’s request seriously. Be brutally honest with yourself – you can’t fix anything or anyone else until you fix yourself.

Devon drops by the restaurant to chat with Abby. He gently scolds her for telling Mariah that he OK’d promoting the restaurant opening on GC Buzz but doesn’t seem opposed to the idea. Abby even wants some LP artists to perform when the dinner hour transforms into a nightclub.

Billy pesters Jack – what’s he so happy about? Nothing special – he and Ashley are on equal footing. Trust me – she has what she wants and will dial it back. She doesn’t want your money, she wants your head on a platter.

Vikki wants to believe there’s a reasonable explanation for Dad’s lying. Wanting to hear it, Nikki leaves Victor a voicemail – if he’s not back tomorrow, he’ll rue the day ~click~ Get your coat, Nikki orders. Where are we going? Vikki follows. To track down the truth.

Coming home to find Ana and Jet still at the piano, Devon surprises them and Elana by announcing that they’ll be singing at the opening of his and Abby’s restaurant. Neither are willing. It’s just one night, friends and family, Devon finally convinces Ana – Jet’s still on the fence.

Billy updates Jack that he and Vikki are getting back together – we love each other. It’s real – it’s right. Go big or go home.

Vikki doesn’t feel right about searching her Dad’s office – do you really think he could be in trouble? On cue, Nikki answers Victor’s call – so, you’re in Istanbul? She knows he’s lying but gets no answers. Victor? Victor? He said ‘Be patient. All will soon be revealed’, she tells Vikki.