Friday, April 12th, 2019

Seated on a bench, Traci laughs when Cane claims he only lies because he doesn’t like hurting people. OK, he lies to protect himself clean and because he doesn’t deserve Lily. My Father and brother were criminals. Lying is second nature to Cane (though he knows it just makes things worse) Traci praises Cane for taking a step today. Her character (Cane) can be redeemed.

Two songs, Devon pesters Jet until he finally caves in – much to Ana’s delight.

There must be something here we overlooked, Nikki sits at Victor’s desk as she continues to go through papers (as does Vikki) She then comes across a bill from a doctor’s office – in a town just outside of Las Vegas. What if Victor’s sick? Nikki pales.

Jack comes home to ask Traci what she’s hiding behind her back. Another surprise from Ashley, she shows him a glossy ad for her new product; Jack of Hearts. Gotta give her credit, Jack’s begrudgingly impressed. Ashley knows how to hit a guy below the belt (the female model is Kerry or someone who looks exactly like her)

The living room to themselves, Devon thanks Elana for backing him up. She hopes it’s the right thing. Devon wouldn’t do anything to exploit his family. Jet is in really good hands between the two of us, Elana jokes. Devon then asks her to be his date at the restaurant opening. Yes, she agrees.

Can we talk? Arturo and his puppy-dog eyes appear to ask Abby (still at the restaurant)

Wow, Ashley really has ice water running through her veins, Jack ignores Traci’s advice and makes a call. Well played, he congratulates Ashley with a grin – I love you too Sis.

Dad hates going to the doctor, Vikki knows. Nikki agrees – Victor hates to be seen as weak. Vikki finds the doctor’s address but isn’t sure they should run off to talk to him. It’s a psychiatrist. What?! Nikki’s stunned. What is Victor doing paying for a shrink near Vegas?

Victoria? Billy used his emergency key. Nobody’s here, he talks to himself. That’s OK – he’s waited his entire life for this woman – what’s a few minutes more? He looks at the boxed ring he’s brought.