Wednesday, June 12th, 2019

Regrouping in the office, Victor confirms that he is indeed surprised that Adam turned him down. Nick makes it clear that he has no interest in coming back to NE (especially to work with Adam) but he’s willing to put their differences aside to support his Dad through his illness. I’d be scared too. Victor’s not scared of a damn thing. OK, but for the sake of the family stop trying to make Adam the golden child, Nick requests. He’s my son – give him a chance, Victor implores. You threw him in the middle of the family and he blew it up, Nick scowls – we can only hope the damage is minimal.

Traci’s so sorry Dina didn’t like her story. Dina blubbers that Velma loves Flynn – he should stop wasting his time with Iris. Now THAT would be a happy ending. It certainly would be, Traci agrees.

The gang still at the park, Abby’s suggestions of wedding themes; vintage, rustic or bohemian are shot down. Lola’s not fancy or formal but has always dreamt of a fairytale wedding. Not a castle; outside – end of summer, sun and breeze. Beach? Destination wedding? Bora Bora or South of France? Abby probes. Lola wants to get married in GC. With Tessa playing Here Comes The Bride. Unless it’s bad for her image, Kyle jokes with Mariah about her new job. Saying this task is just what she needs, Abby leaves the others concerned and puzzled.

At CL’s, Rey gets a text from Nick – the man with Adam is Kevin Fisher. This all connects to Chloe. Stay on it.

At the elevator, Nick and Adam exchange more harsh words. Say Hi to Kevin for me, Nick says as he gets on the elevator. Two old friends catching up, Adam shrugs it off. You weren’t friends – what were you talking about? Nick wants to know. If your crappy PI didn’t hear what we were saying you should get your money back, Adam grins as the elevator closes.

Sending another grateful felon off to an interview with a handshake and ‘good luck’, Cane spots Traci and asks her to join him – then impresses her by ordering the latte she likes. He wouldn’t have gotten through the last few months without her help. Yes, that was one of Cane’s ‘clients’ who just left. Traci thinks what he’s doing is just wonderful. Cane’s excited to report that he might soon have a bigger role in the non-profit – and be relocating to Lakewood – closer to Lily. Wow, that is like a dream come true, Traci manages to sound happy for him.

Hey. I got your message – is everything OK? Billy arrives at Society. Standing to be enveloped in his arms, Vikki sniffles. No. everything is not OK. I’m here – we’ll get through it, Billy reassures.

At home, a pensive Nick picks up a framed photo of himself and his Dad.

Back at the tackhouse, Adam also seems shaken by his Dad’s news as he pours a stiff drink and gulps it back.

Are you disappointed with how things went? Nikki asks Victor. There’s always tomorrow, he hugs Nikki then sends her to get the elevator. I love you, my baby. Now alone, Victor pockets his phone, jambs his hands in his pockets and stares up at the portrait of himself. Poking her head in and following Victor’s gaze, Nikki sees him raise his fists in fury and frustration. Smiling as if nothing is wrong, she leads Victor out to the elevator.