Wednesday, June 12th, 2019

Yes, people have died from this disease but I won’t be one of them, Victor vows. Your beautiful Mother convinced me to be upfront with all of you. The kids now realize that’s why he brought Adam back to town. Thinking Dad should take a step back from NE to get better, Vikki will take over. Abby growls at her for turning horrible news to her advantage (like always) Vikki’s just trying to make things easier for Dad (who appreciates that) Now ready to talk business, Victor would like a few minutes alone with Adam. Vikki does NOT look happy.

Traci continues to read to her captivated (and captive) audience. Derek meets Cora (Vikki) at the park. The guy’s a stiff – all talk, no clue, he reports – trust me. Maybe he’s smarter than he likes to play, Cora suggests that Flynn probably said the same thing to Iris. As they kiss, Flynn’s so busy taking photos that he doesn’t hear the guy coming up to bop him over the head then drag him off. You know what to do, Derek says. Dina’s now sobbing – this is terrible.

Adam the only one in Victor’s office, the rest of the family squabbles just outside. Abby thinks it must sting – she and Nick left NE and Vikki’s still not the chosen one. She knows what it’s like not to be good enough and suggests Vikki move on. You’ll be happier – but then again, it’s you so maybe not. After Abby marches out, Nikki tells Vikki not to pay any attention to her. Nick thinks Abby makes some valid points and knows there’s more to Dad’s story. What are his chances? He believes he’ll beat this, Nikki answers.

In his office, Victor tells Adam that he’ll beat this disease but a good businessman plans for the unexpected. He wants to ensure NE survives with or without him. According to Victor, Adam’s the only one qualified to continue his legacy.

Having heard Mariah’s ‘brand awareness’ plan, Kyle doesn’t think Tessa will have to play in the park much longer. Tessa won’t forget where she started. Hearing Mariah’s future plans include a bigger apartment, Kyle hints at marriage – like him and Lola (who arrives on cue to practice her walk down the aisle and show off her ring) The proposal was epic but Lola will keep the romantic evening to themselves. Yes, she’s picked a maid of honour – Abby; who also makes a timely arrival. She’s so happy for Lola and Kyle. Let’s get started on wedding plans, she adds with a forced smile and muted enthusiasm.

Adam finds Victor’s pitch direct and simple – you’re a good salesman but he’s not buying what ‘Pop’ is selling. Afraid you can’t handle it? Victor can’t think of another reason Adam would turn him down. Adam will never be satisfied living someone else’s dream. That portrait is a constant reminder that NE is Victor’s company. Victor’s giving Adam the company. If and when you die, Adam isn’t interested – not now or ever. Give it to Vikki – she’ll be happy to settle.

In the hallway, Nick tells Adam that he hasn’t changed. He and Nikki leave Vikki to agree that Adam’s the same bastard he’s always been – she deserves to be Dad’s successor because she’s the only one who stood by him. When she whines about being at odds with Nick, Adam won’t take blame for his siblings’ fragile relationship. You’re not going to stick around and see if Dad picks you? he taunts as Vikki marches off.