Tuesday, July 9th, 2019

Back at Nick’s, Chelsea doesn’t want to put him in the middle of this. Calvin’s death makes it harder for her to justify keeping Connor from his Father. Oh God, sorry – she didn’t mean to sound insensitive or imply that Nick isn’t Christian’s Father. No worries – Adam thought you’d have no choice but to turn to him – but you do have choices (Nick means himself) Interrupting, Paul was let in by the nanny – he’s there to discuss Calvin’s autopsy results with Chelsea.

Coming home with Mariah and Tessa (and groceries) Lola’s not happy to find her Mom rearranging the decor. We’re filming a video to post online, she explains. Celeste isn’t sold on the idea or what Lola’s wearing. Mariah’s in director mode – be yourself, she instructs Lola and starts filming. Cut. Relax – pretend it’s just us. Remember who the director is, Mariah chides Celeste (who replies – remember who the Mama is) 5,4,3… Mariah starts again. Lola messes up again – I can’t do this. Mariah has a way to fix it.

Ester probably took Bella out of town so Kevin can focus on business, Billy assumes. What business? Jill wonders. When Vikki reappears to suggest a get-together with the grandkids, Jill would love that (and leaves Vikki to update that Victor gave his blessing on her taking Adam down) The Baxley deal isn’t the only trouble at Dark Horse. A big hotel project is no longer owned by its parent company. Summertime Development owns it. Phyllis likely took it solo without Adam knowing. When he finds out, it’ll be an end to their twisted partnership – which Billy also sees as a good thing.

Kevin doesn’t appreciate being summoned to the penthouse at the crack of dawn. Sure, it’s after ten but he was up all night working. Adam needs Kevin’s hacking skills pronto. Complaining about Chelsea taking Nick instead of him to see Connor, Adam needs Kevin to find out what the police turned up on Calvin’s death. Having left himself a backdoor, Kev’s in with a few keystrokes and able to access the autopsy results.

The initial tox screen was inconclusive. Paul reports that the coroner will have to run additional tests to determine Calvin’s cause of death. If it wasn’t natural causes, what could it be? Chelsea’s puzzled. Nick’s also puzzled, and worried.

Lola’s glad that Kyle was able to take a break from work (and hopes he can talk Mariah out of this idea) Nope – he thinks it a great idea – you can do this. He stands behind Mariah and banters with Lola who now proceeds flawlessly (as Tessa and Celeste also smile approvingly) The most ingredient is love, Lola beams.

At CL’s, Mallory’s glad her Dad’s not suffering anymore – he lived a good long life. Now that he’s gone, she’s decided to move closer to her kids and wanted to tell Jack in person (and thank him for his support) Jack tears up – I’ll miss you. You’re a good man, I’ve enjoyed getting to know you, Mallory hugs Jack and wishes him all the best. Jack’s left alone and lonely.

The coroner’s still working on the report, Kevin informs. It was a heart attack – why would the results be inconclusive? Is Kevin suggesting Calvin ‘met with foul play’? Poison? People make mistakes; Kevin’s not hoping Adam makes one but expects he will. It’s inevitable and when that happens, Kevin will take full advantage. Adam’s amused that Kevin thinks he can turn the tables on him.

Paul’s not making any assumptions but won’t rule anything out. And though Chelsea sees no reason anyone would want to harm Calvin, the Chief needs a detailed account of her last few hours with him. Asking Paul to give Chelsea some time to process all this, Nick thanks him for agreeing it can wait until tomorrow. Now alone, Chelsea asks Nick if he thinks Paul suspects she had anything to do with Calvin’s death.