Tuesday, July 9th, 2019

Lola, Kyle, Mariah, Tessa and Celeste enjoy the playback of the video. Mariah credits her secret weapon; Kyle. Celeste wishes Lola wore more makeup and a less drab outfit. Why do you always do that – make me feel bad about something I’m proud of? Lola’s pissed – it doesn’t always have to be about YOU.

Paul’s just being thorough, Nick reassures Chelsea – it’s routine. Was Calvin on any medications? There could be a simple explanation. Getting a text from Mike (re: the custody hearing) Nick reminds Chelsea that Adam will go to any lengths. He saw Calvin as an obstacle to reuniting his family and is the one person with motive to want him dead.

‘Speaking of chaos’, Vikki whispers to Billy then approaches Adam at Society’s bar. What do you want? he barks after ordering a drink. She’s doing him a courtesy; something he needs to know about Dark Horse. Told to take it up with Phyllis, Vikki’s surprised; you’ve never been this trusting, or careless.

Tessa and Mariah in the background, Lola and her Mother bicker. Can a Mother not express her opinion? That’s all you’ve been doing, Lola unleashes her pent-up frustration. No, it’s not OK, she protests when Kyle tries to calm things (and Lola) down. Respect me as a grown woman and stop putting me down, she demands of her Mother (who decides to go back to the club so excuses herself to pack)

Scoffing at the notion that Vikki would do him any favours, Adam knows she’d do anything to bring Dark Horse under the Newman umbrella. It’d be a big coup for Daddy. Adam doesn’t want Vikki’s friendly tip on Phyllis. Unlike Chelsea and everyone else in the family (and town), Phyllis is the one person not trying to take anything from him. Hey, how’s it going? Jack says as he arrives at Society. Not so hot, Adam doesn’t even break his stride. Jack gives Billy a wave then joins Victor to ask about him stepping back from NE. Chuckling, Victor comments that Jabot has no products to sell. Jack sees one thing they have in common – we’re at our best when we’ve been knocked down.

When Victor declines a ‘nasty’ Tequila, Jack sits to drink alone – here’s mud in your eye. He just came from visiting his Mother; she didn’t recognize me. It’s becoming more frequent. Victor’s sorry to hear it. Jack’s friend just lost her Father to the same disease. He’s reminded of his mortality – and how important family is. You’ve earned the right to enjoy it, Jack says as he stands. Have a nice day, Victor says pleasantly.

Seated again with Billy, Vikki updates that Adam didn’t give her the time of day. He deserves what he gets. Amen, Billy agrees. Knowledge is power and Vikki will hang onto her info and use it when it’ll cause the most damage.

Still at home, Nick’s not accusing his brother of anything but if the police are looking for motive, Adam was pushing you to take him back before Calvin’s body was cold. Chelsea doesn’t want to talk about it; she doesn’t want to believe Adam capable of murder.

At home, Adam reads the breaking news on his tablet. Visiting Louisiana Businessman Dies in GCAC Suite.

Next: Nick calls on an old friend … Rey worries about Sharon’s connection to Adam.