Friday, July 26th, 2019

Still at the penthouse, Adam’s grudgingly impressed that Mike’s crossed over to the dark side. It suits you. Mike’s not on Team Adam by choice and if he goes after Kevin and Chloe, Adam will find out how powerful ‘brotherly love’ can be. They’re lucky you’re so valuable to me, Adam says. Just remember that my value depreciates if I go to prison, lose my license or my reputation is besmirched, Mike wants no more clumsy attempts to blackmail judges. No more besmirching, Adam agrees. Mike’s decided he’d like to be DA after all but instead of waiting til November, will convince Chris to step down. Screwing with me would be a mistake, Adam warns as Mike exits.

You sure no one knows you’re here? Phyllis asks as Vikki drops by to say that if the transactions went through on time she wouldn’t be at Dark Horse. That’s McNally’s fault, Phyllis claims. He’s a top rate CFO, Vikki was disappointed when Nick lured him away to Dark Horse. Take him back – he asks too many questions for Phyllis’ liking. Maybe he noticed the assets you’re selling off once belonged to NE. He won’t say anything to Adam, Phyllis is sure – he’s a ghost here. Told to check her phone, Vikki sees that the sale’s complete. Time for her to hold up her end of the deal. Vikki’s only doing this for Nick (who she’s been trying to reach to inform that the properties are being transferred back to him) When Phyllis asks to be the one to tell Nick, Vikki hopes she’s not trying to win him back.

Can we just agree to disagree about Adam? Sharon knows Rey just sees a rap sheet – while she sees what shaped him. Adam didn’t know who his Father was. Yeah, must be rough finding out you’re the son of a billionaire, Rey’s sarcastic. Adam was lied to by everyone, including his Mother, Sharon believes this motivates everything he does – yes, especially this custody battle. NOW do you understand? (she seems relieved to think so) Yes, Rey understands – you don’t love Adam in spite of how screwed up he is, you love him because of it.

Sharon came to apologize for offering to take Christian in. Yet all she’s done is make excuses for her and Adam as far as Rey’s concerned. Hearing that Sharon was awake all night thinking about this, Rey wonders how much of that time was Sharon thinking about ‘us’? our future? As much time as you spent thinking about Adam’s tragic past? Sharon’s silence gives Rey the answer he expected. Sharon has pity for Adam, not love. Rey’s being paranoid. I have no intention of going back to him. This is about Mia – you’re taking your anger at her out on me. No, it’s not anger, it’s fear – Rey can’t save Sharon from this. Only you can and you don’t want to. You’re defending a man who’s bringing you down. Sharon vows to cut Adam out of her life. I love you, only you. Rey’s not interested in being Sharon’s safety net. It’s over – we’re done.

It really is beautiful here, so secluded and peaceful, Chelsea compliments. Perfect place for a dream home – Nick offered to build a place for Summer and Kyle here but they broke up before any plans were made. The land of broken dreams, he sighs. Not so – Chelsea found what she was looking for today. And what’s that? A reminder of what’s possible.

Back at the apartment, Lola leaves a message for her Mom. I miss/love you; hope we can talk soon. Kyle’s offer to call Celeste is decline – not after what Theo told her. I could kill him for what he did, Kyle’s not proud of the things he did in New York. Lola’s still struggling with his past (and that he spiralled because of Summer) But, she loves the man Kyle is now and eventually her Mom will too. Kyle’s suggestion that they fly to Miami to talk to Celeste is rejected – there’s work to consider and her Mom won’t be pushed. Kyle’s then distracted by the thought of them having a daughter – and a kiss.

Chelsea’s ready to head home – are you coming? Nick’s pleased that she called his house ‘home’. Do you feel at home in GC? Yes, Chelsea does but her son’s settled in Baton Rouge and she doesn’t want him around Adam. She has to figure out her next move. In the meantime, let’s go home, Nick says.

Running into Billy on the CL’s patio, Sharon pastes on a smile and claims she’s doing great. Billy too – Christian’s good but misses his Dad. Yes, he’s thought about her suggestion to talk to a grief counsellor but would rather talk to Sharon. Yes, she has time – she and Rey broke up.

Adam pops up behind Rey at Society’s bar – I’ll have what he’s having.