Friday, July 26th, 2019

Seated on the CL’s patio, Sharon confides in Billy – Rey has trust issues and thinks she crossed boundaries but all she was doing was helping a friend. Adam? If he was in Rey’s shoes, he’d be worried too. I’m all Adam has, Sharon insists. That’s because he ruins everything he touches, Billy calls him poisonous. Sharon’s studied hyper-vigilance – it’s exhausting. Billy confides his nightmares of trying to save Delia from Adam. As soon as I get close, I wake up – too late; just like the night I lost her.

Inside, Phyllis takes a seat across from Mike to asks why he bailed on Nick hours before the custody hearing. Mike had a conflict and told Nick to find a lawyer – he chose to go it alone; it backfired – that’s on him. Yes, Mike DID have an ‘inside track’; years of experience as a lawyer. He knew Adam wouldn’t get custody. His arrogance is giving me endless opportunities, Phyllis is giddy. Mike doesn’t want to know. He steers as far away from Phyllis’ boss as possible. ‘So you say’, she’s suspicious.

Adam sure hopes Rey and Sharon aren’t having trouble. He thanked Sharon but should have thanked Rey too. If Christian was with you, he’d feel welcome and loved. We both know that’s not why you asked. Knowing the Judge would choose Vikki over Sharon, you used your son’s custody to suck Sharon into your sick little world. Realizing he DID cause problems between Rey and Sharon, Adam gives an insincere apology.

Lola ends a call with Arturo to update Kyle that her Mom is back in Miami (and really mad at her – and him; until the baby kicked) Her Mom’s forgiveness is pushed aside as the couple kiss their way into the bedroom.

If Billy won’t see a therapist he should cut back on caffeine. Yoga? Acupuncture? Billy was thinking of something simple; sleeping pills. That’ll help but won’t address the problem and can be addictive, Sharon warns. Coffee in hand and about to step onto the patio, Vikki’s absolutely horrified at the sight of Billy chatting with Sharon, so scurries away unseen.

The last thing Adam would want to do is hurt Sharon; who’s been a better friend than he deserves. Why does their friendship bother Rey so much? You don’t see her as a friend – you see her as prey. I don’t hunt her down – she comes to me, Adam points out. Rey finishes his drink – maybe sooner than you think, he leaves.

An attorney named Darryl is at Nick’s with good news for Chelsea. He’s about to make her a very rich woman.