Thursday, November 28th, 2019

Phyllis – what the hell are you doing here? Adam opens his door to snarl. Am I interrupting a big family gathering? Is that turkey I smell? Phyllis walks in. No – but Adam has a fully stocked bar. I’m your best option – and I brought supplies, Phyllis grins.

Thanks for helping out, Sharon gives Amanda an apron. Nate’s also in an apron – and also thankful (to Amanda – he can continue to do what he loves; practice medicine) Asked about her family, Amanda says they aren’t close. She’s happy to be here – now, let’s go scoop stuffing. Mariah can’t help but stare when Amanda takes a spot beside her. When Kyle and Lola come down to hand off more food to Rey, Elena observes Nate with Amanda and makes it clear to Lola that she’s not a fan. Amanda’s a snake.

As Phyllis unpacks take out, Adam demands an apology. For what? The last time she barged in and he had to throw her out. You don’t read social clues well, do you? Phyllis learned a lot the other day – you felt very uncomfortable talking about Simon Black in front of Chance – and you’re suddenly protective of Chelsea (odd, considering you tried to implicate her in her husbands’ death) Adam mocks Phyllis’ detective skills. She feels bad for him – your family begged you to come back to GC and now you’re an outcast. I didn’t want you to be alone. Adam knows that it’s Phyllis who doesn’t want to be alone and notes that she hasn’t had a boyfriend in a while. They then move on to food and drinks.

Nikki shares good news – Dr Nate’s approved Victor for travel. Who’s up for a trip to Sweden? Abby’s in. Vikki loves the idea – they can teach the kids to ski. Chelsea’s not sure Connor can go – he’s having some anxiety issues and wouldn’t want to be away from his Dad. We’ll discuss it and get back to you, Nick adds. Now alone with Billy and Vikki, Nikki purses her lips and wonders how Nick will navigate the situation with Chelsea, Adam and Connor.

Behind the counter, Lola and Rey both get messages from their Mom; photos of her pies and the baby. She won’t stop until we call her. Invited to the Abbott’s, Rey declines – he’s looking forward to ‘quiet time’ with Sharon.

On the patio, Kyle tells Mariah that Jack’s picking Dina up for the afternoon. Theo and Summer were invited but declined (which he’s happy about) Mariah reminds that today is about counting your blessings. Looking over at Lola, Kyle agrees.

Over drinks and Chinese takeout, Phyllis gripes about Chelsea not being investigated (instead of her) You only have yourself to blame, Adam points out that Phyllis installed the new security system. You fiddled with it but the feds can retrieve any deleted footage. After all, the video of Nick in a JT mask eventually surfaced. What are you up to anyway? Whatever Phyllis was up to would have worked if it weren’t for Simon Black. Adam’s so sorry his near-death experience inconvenienced her. What are you up to? he asks again.

Summer’s at the ranch just in time for dessert. All wearing paper crowns, she chats with Chelsea about Connor. He’ll be excited to see you. Summer’s sorry she was tough on Chelsea – I’m here if you need me. Aside, Nick wonders why Victor seems to happy – he didn’t even lecture me during our walk to the stables. Just enjoy it, Nikki smiles. Victor then comes in to greet Summer with an ‘I love you’ hug. She’s almost forgiven him.

Phyllis isn’t up to anything – you made it clear that you’re Chelsea’s champion and Chance’s ally. Adam’s done with revenge – especially when it comes to Victor. Phyllis is out of the scheming game too – where did it get us? Adam can think of worse ways to spend Thanksgiving. Phyllis thinks that sweet.

As Rey and Amanda chat, Elena’s not happy when Nate informs her that she might be sticking around. She’s a con artist – what’s wrong with you? Elena’s pissed – you’re letting her play you. Taking off her apron, Elena snaps ‘see you at work’ and leaves in a huff.

Phyllis reads her cookie fortune – A friend is a present you give yourself. What does that even mean? Adam reflects on how messing with his Dad’s health almost ruined both their lives. Phyllis doesn’t think Adam a bad guy – you deserve to get what you want. So do you – cheers, he clinks her glass.