Thursday, November 28th, 2019

As Rey hugs Lola and Kyle, Mariah praising her Mom – I’m so proud to be your daughter ~hug~ Nate tells Amanda that he’s heading back to work. He knows a great real estate agent if she’s staying in town. Amanda will give him her new number. Her old one ended up on some spam list.

As is tradition, it’s time for the Newmans to list what they’re thankful for. Nikki gushes about Victor ~kiss~ Vikki’s grateful for her parents – the great love they have for one another is an example for all of us. She also appreciates Billy’s support and help at home while she pursues her dream of running NE. Billy’s grateful as hell to have his family back. Nick’s agrees – he’s lucky Chelsea and Connor are back in his life. Victor talks about physical and emotional healing. Nothing fills his heart with joy more than his grandkids laughter. Noah, Reed and Faith aren’t here but we send our love. Hopefully, others who aren’t here will find their way back home. I’ll get you a refill, Nick leaves Chelsea looking uncomfortable as the other two couples kiss.

CL’s now empty, Sharon and Rey discuss the day. Lola offered someone a job interview; a single Mother who reminded her of Celeste. There was a true spirit of generosity in this room, because of you, Rey asks Sharon for a dance. The jukebox playing, Sharon sways on Rey’s arms.

Chelsea’s back at the penthouse. Coming down from tucking Connor into bed, Adam thinks taking him to the ranch was the right call. The two wine glasses spotted, Adam informs that Phyllis was there. Yes, she probably did do something with the security system. Yes, Adam’s OK with Chelsea staying the night (in case Connor needs her) He looks disappointed when she turns in for the night. Nick’s also disappointed when he gets a text from Chelsea – Staying at Adam’s tonight – see you in the morning.

Still in their paper crowns, Victor and Nikki gush about what a wonderful day they had. I love you. I love you too ~kiss~

My Thoughts: My favourite part of today’s show was Mariah looking up from her potato trough to blatantly gape at Amanda…. For anyone interested, Phyllis’ comment that Adam’s last word will be ‘Rosebud’ is a reference from Citizen Kane. Initially assumed that the last word he muttered on his deathbed was the name of a woman, Rosebud was actually the boy’s sled; a symbol of his once simple life and regret over instead living a life motivated by money and power…. Vikki’s had WAY too much to drink if she thinks her parents are an example of great love. Victor may have put his manipulations on pause but the past can’t be erased. He’s still the same guy who wished Nikki dead and all but tipped the vodka bottle down her throat on many occasions. If Victor’s so happy about hearing his grandkids shout and laugh, why are they spending their entire visit with the horses? And are we expected to believe that TGVN would wait for Dr Hastings approval before travelling? I guess the Newmans have forgotten that video chate exists – they could easily have taken a break from stuffing their faces to connect with the family members they claim to miss so much and if I had to spend an hour watching rich folk fawn over one another, I’d rather it be the Abbotts. And where was Tessa? And did Celeste really need to send Rey photos of the child his wife conceived with his brother … Elena’s claws sure do come out when it comes to Nate and Amanda. It’s none of her business if Nate gets played. She seems to have forgotten that he’s the one who got her residency at GCM.