Thursday, October 14th, 2021

Vikki’s honoured to stand by Ashland during his fight. In sickness and in health – she wishes she could promise him forever – what she can promise is that they’ll spend every precious second they have together.

Time’s running out! The Minister’s about to pronounce your sister legally wed to that slimeball! Jesse pressures. Nick paces – you stay put, he locks Jesse in the room. Take me with you!!! Jesse bellows – then runs to the window to look down at the wedding.

As Ashland says his ‘I do’, Nick pauses just out of view to watch – still unsure of what to do.

I’ll be right back, Adam whispers to Sally, then races over to Nick. Vikki says ‘I do’. Yes, Adam knows Jesse Gaines – we’ve been looking all over for him. Well, Nick found him. Harrison gets up – here you go Father, he hands Ashland the rings.

Gaines is here to sabotage the wedding, Adam informs. Sounds like he has good reason to and if what he says is true, Nick wants to help him. This can’t be good, Billy quietly directs Lily’s attention towards Nick and Adam. Ashland recites his vows, about to slide the ring onto Vikki’s finger.

You need to think this through before you do something drastic, Adam warns Nick. If Gaines isn’t lying, Vikki’s about to marry a lying thief who stole a dead woman’s entire fortune! Nick huffs. Lily stops Billy from answering his phone. Handing her bouquet to her Mother, Vikki repeats the Minister’s words.

Don’t do it – no matter what your motives are, Vikki won’t forgive you for ruining her wedding, Adam warns – look at her face, she’s happy – you really want to be the guy who wipes that smile off her face? I now pronounce you husband and wife, the Minister concludes. All applaud as the newlyweds kiss.

You did the right thing, Adam agrees that it’s a bit weird that he’s giving Nick moral guidance – especially with regards to Vikki. What am I supposed to do now? Nick has Gaines locked in his room – the guy’s a powder keg; he could do anything. Go check on Gaines – I’ll go get security, Adam says.

That’s what I call a wedding, Leslie joins Victor and the newlyweds. She was so moved by their vows. Vikki’s glad everything went smoothly. Victor would do anything for his daughter’s happiness. Behave yourself Billy Boy, Victor warns. Billy congratulates Vikki and Ashland – all he’s ever wanted is her happiness. Confirming it’s an open bar, Billy strolls off.

After an awkward chat with the Minister, Sally excuses herself to eavesdrop on Elena and Lily gushing about the fit and craftsmanship of Vikki’s dress.

Phyllis congratulates Vikki on her brother’s behalf – since he didn’t feel welcome to attend the wedding. Yet you still felt perfectly welcome, Vikki leaves Phyllis flapping her gums.

Vikki thanks her Matron of Honor while Ashland thanks his Best Man.

Noah tells Tessa that her voice is as strong and beautiful as ever – he’s glad the family asked her to sing today. It was an honour for her to perform with Leslie Brooks. Meh – Noah thought she was mediocre. Just kidding – he can tell that Tessa’s distracted. It’s me – spill it. Tessa misses her girlfriend.