Thursday, October 14th, 2021

Jack heard what Phyllis said to Vikki and knows she’s disappointed that Nick didn’t stay. Phyllis doesn’t understand why he doesn’t want her help. Maybe back-to-back destination weddings have tired him out, Jack suggests.

Lily saw the look on Vikki’s face when she was saying her vows and knows the wedding couldn’t have been easy for Billy. Lily’s 100% confident in what she and Billy have – but equally confident that he would have checked that text Gaines sent if she hadn’t been there to stop him. Billy reflects – maybe the universe is trying to tell me something. Don’t give a sleazy guy a duffel bag of cash? Lily jokes. Billy admits that he wanted Vikki to judge Ashland as harshly as she’s judged him. He loves what he has with Lily. That little moment of self-awareness did NOT come cheap – Billy put a lot of money in that duffel bag. Well, you lost a lot of money gambling and didn’t learn anything, Lily wisecracks.

Nick accosts Adam in the hallway – where’s security? And how much do you know about this? We can get into that later- let’s check on our friend first, Adam warns Nick that Jesse’s slippery. They find him relaxed as he lounges on Nick’s bed – you gonna let me out in time to catch the bouquet???

Phyllis sends Nick a text – the ceremony’s over – are you coming to the reception?

Kyle loves the palazzo so much he wants to renew their vows there. Sally’s over there all alone – Summer almost feels sorry for her. But did she really think she could worm her way back into my family’s good graces?

Is it true that Sally had the audacity to replace your dress with the one she designed? Nikki asks. Yes, it took some nerve but Sally worked really hard on it. Nikki thinks Vikki made the right choice – you look stunning. Coming along to ask who designed the dress, Summer’s stunned to hear it was Sally.

Jack hopes Ashland has a long and happy marriage – many of us in GC are pulling for you. When Kyle comes along, Ashland thanks him for taking such good care of Harrison. Please always keep the parental channels this open and easy. Kyle gives his word on that. Ashland then thanks Victor (who implies that he took care of Gaines)

Billy finally pulls out his phone. Jesse’s text reads ‘take a look at the attached video file’.

Where the hell’s security? Nick fumes. Why is he still smiling like that, even after his plan failed? Adam looks at Jesse. Adam didn’t call security – we need to keep this as quiet and controlled as possible. Victor appears in the doorway to glare at Jesse.

You look stunning, Sally asks how furious Vikki is on a scale of 1 to 10. Vikki may not agree with Sally’s methods but this gown is perfect. There’s only one thing left to say – thank you, Vikki gives Sally a hug.

Nick should have known Victor was pulling all the strings. Well, not ALL the strings, Jesse says. How many times do we have to tell you, be quiet!? Adam snaps. Knowing that Jesse will talk to anyone who’ll listen, Victor declares him a continued threat to Vikki and her company. He can’t allow that.

I know that look, Lily wants to see the text Gaines sent Billy. He just offered us the scoop of the year. Lily’s astonished by the video of Jesse reading Camilla’s letter. If we don’t publish it in an hour he’s sending it out globally. Looking out at Vikki (happy with her new husband) Billy doesn’t know what to do.

Next Week: Either way the world’s about to learn all about Ashland’s crimes, Billy says. And what about Vikki? Lily asks. What about Vikki? Jack appears to echo…. Vikki has questions for her Father – That man was hell-bent on getting revenge on my husband so I need to know how he was handled and if he’ll need to be handled again… Maybe people are warming up to your charms, Adam quips. The only person Sally wants to win over right now is Adam ~kiss~ …..Chloe knew this was going to come up – she just hoped it’d be later rather than sooner. You owe me an explanation NOW, Lauren’s pissed (Mike and Kevin are smart enough to stay silent) .. Phyllis shares her concerns with Nick – I don’t know, I can’t put my finger on it. She sort of added tension between us. It’s gonna go all work out or it’s all gonna fall apart.