Thursday, June 2nd, 2022

What do you mean you screwed up?! Summer’s chased her Mom all the way down to the lobby. Amanda’s here – I have to go to the ballroom to discuss the Hamilton Winters party, Phyllis gives Summer the hairy eyeball when Amanda appears to ask if everything’s OK.

Jack downplays the minor disagreement he had with Phyllis. Are you back together? Kyle asks. Not in any meaningful way, Jack clearly doesn’t want to answer any more questions.

Joining Diane and Ally at CL’s, Traci’s happy to hear that Ally likes GC and will be staying longer. Diane’s announcement that she’ll be staying longer too is met with awkward silence.

Back from their spa vacation, Vikki’s all business as she rifles through paperwork. Nikki wants to know if the vacation worked – were you able to get Ashland out of your system??

Meanwhile, Ashland’s moping is interrupted by a knock on his door. Ashland Locke? This is for you. The contents of the envelope make him gulp the last sip of his drink, grab his jacket and march out.

It’s nothing, Jack and I just had a little disagreement, Phyllis tells Amanda. Summer fumes as her Mother blathers on about the meeting in the ballroom.

When Jack changes the subject to Jabot buying Marchetti, Kyle’s glad to hear his Dad’s now in favour of the deal. As much as he and Summer love Milan, there’s nothing like being around family.

Ally’s not used to having so much family around but quickly assures Traci that she’s enjoying it. You’re welcome to stay at the house as long as you like, Traci adds. Diane’s smug; obviously very pleased with herself (for bringing them together)

Phyllis has a couple of things to take care of before we go into the ballroom. Summer gives up and marches out, leaving Amanda to hear that Phyllis was goaded by Diane into a fight; that fight lead to a fight with Jack. She’s afraid her old habits are returning. It felt good to stick it to Diane, but sorry she hurt Jack.

Diane all but rolls her eyes as Traci and Ally talk about what she might do with her chemical engineering degree and how Keemo worked with Ashley at Jabot.

Nikki won’t judge Vikki. Good, there’s nothing to judge. Vikki’s been running away from her ‘messy’ feelings but must now face the sadness and humiliation. You’re all micromanaging me – so, Vikki’s not talking to them about it. She’ll work through it herself.

When Summer comes to the house, Jack suddenly has an errand to go run. My Mom was acting weird too, Summer and Kyle are sure something’s going on between their parents.