Tuesday, August 21st

At Jabot, Kyle updates Ashley that Billy’s at an out of town meeting and Gloria’s chatting up a new hire. Ashley has news of her own – Dark Horse bought Jabotique leases (which Jack will have canceled) Kyle’s left disappointed that Ashley doesn’t seem to need any more assistance from... Read more

Friday, August 17th

Good morning! Back from a business trip, Jack meets with Nick at the club to update that investors in Europe are excited about an Abbott and a Newman teaming up and are eager to invest in Dark Horse. Nick did indeed look into buying the leasing company Jack recommended and... Read more

Thursday, August 16th

Pouring another glass of wine, Phyllis decides not to send a text asking Nick how it’s going with Summer. Nick doesn’t like bribing one of his children; acting like his Father. But he also knows that Summer can be bought (her ex-boyfriend bribe her with a sports car not to... Read more

Wednesday, August 15th

Phyllis is in full denial mode – the only man in her life is Billy – I love him and he’s committed to me. Because he doesn’t know what I know, Summer’s quite sure of herself (and her facts regarding ‘that night’) Cane brings some lunch up for Lily –... Read more

Monday, August 13th

On the rooftop, neither Vikki or Nikki want a drink (thanks to Sharon’s last two girls’ parties) Agreeing that they need to find a way to accept what they did to JT and move on, Nikki goes for drinks. That leaves Nate to come along to introduce himself to Vikki... Read more

Friday, August 9th

Mariah finds Sharon in the living room of their home, which has been transformed into a fitting room full of potential bridesmaids dresses. The theme is “fashion-forward” – let’s find something we can wear more than once! Who else is coming, Sharon? Summer shows up right on time for wine... Read more

Thursday, August 9th

Today’s show is provided by Riley. Perhaps we’ll be lucky enough that she’ll do it again tomorrow. As Devon is getting ready for the day, he memorizes one of the many framed photos of him and Hilary around the apartment. Nate arrives with a package that was intended for Hilary.... Read more