Friday, July 3rd

Hard day at the office; Neil quits, then finding Nikki drunk, calls 911 - she's (maybe) not breathing ... Adam gives Vikki's job to Abby... Victor talks Nick into going back at Newman Ent. .... After a chat with Joe, Sharon's not happy to find Avery crying on Dylan's shoulders ... Paul tells Dylan to butt out ... Victor rejects a deal... Billy and Vikki will join forces against 'Gabe' ... Learning that Paul knows she cheated,Lily warns Joe not to tell Cane. Read more

Thursday, July 2nd

Jack pointing at Victor might not be enough for Paul to arrest Victor - but 'Gabe' coming forward to say he witness it sure is ... Cane and Devon are delighted when Lily forgives the cheating and invites him and Hilary to watch fireworks with them ... Adam gets a visit from Marisa, then is nervous when bumping into her and Noah at the park ... Ashley watches fireworks with Ben ... Victor watches fireworks from his cell. Read more

Wednesday, July 1st

As Phyllis excitedly questions him, Jack (now awake) points the finger at Victor .... Noah hires Marisa - and won't go along with his Dad's request to steer clear of Victor ... New CEO Adam gets a visit from Marisa....Nick confronts Victor. Ashley then blasts Victor for promoting 'Gabe' (whom she suspects of blackmailing him) .... Ashley is stunned by DNA results confirming that Jack is Gabe's Father... Back on the job, Kevin continues to connect dots. Read more