Wednesday, March 2nd

Vikki learns that Billy is Natalie's new boss; she'd rather have heard it from him, but is OK with it and hopes for peace between the companies and families .... Luca and Kevin are not happy about being partners.... Another dispicable act by Victor is revealed. Chris vows he'll pay (but will he pay enough to appease Phyllis?) ... Angry to hear about Kelly (from Jack and Abby) Ben lashes out at Max. Read more

Tuesday, March 1st

Today is a drinking game. Fill your glasses everyone and take a drink every time Victor says the word 'protect'. Please do not drive or operate heavy machinery afterwards. In fact, just stay seated. I will not be held responsible for any misfortune that arises from your staggering about. Please forward all claims (and suggestions that they buy a thesaurus) to the show's writers. Read more