Tuesday, March 15th

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Monday, March 14th

Despite Nick's concerns and Faith's blunt questions, it's decided that Shawn will move in with the Newmans .... Noah is found guilty but won't be going to prison - next, marrying Marisa .... Victor gets a visit from Vikki, then Luca, then Nikki; none of whom he wanted visits from.... Vikki continues to stonewall Billy, while Jack and Phyllis kiss and make up. Read more

Friday, March 11th

At the club, Natalie asks Jack where Billy is. The beta program rocks. Good for you – too bad I’m killing the project, Jack snarls. Upstairs, Phyllis assumes Billy hit the bottle last night due to Vikki dumping him. You gotta be sharp for Noah’s trial. Billy didn’t drink last... Read more

Thursday, March 10th

Max continues to worm his way between Abby and Ben - and crush on Ashley .... Adam and Chelsea are off to New York - or are they? (not if Victor has his way - he wants Adam to run NE) ... Vikki rejects Billy - again, while Jack and Phyllis continue to argue ... While Victor's on his way back to jail, Mike's working on his 'defense'. Read more

Wednesday, March 9th

Witnessing Nick and Sage arguing, Shawn needs some convincing that the Newman's are good choice to raise her baby ... Max overhears Ashley telling Simon that she's over Ben .... Victor's family officially remove him as CEO... Once again hospitalized, Victor vows to reclaim his spot (and Vikki will never be allowed to return) .. Chelsea is overjoyed; Adam is done with NE. Read more

Tuesday, March 8th

At the penthouse, Chelsea’s giving Sage a bunch of baby clothes. She’s thrilled for her and Nick – you deserve a happy ending. Why does Sage seem ‘off’? What’s bothering you? On the patio, Nikki tries to convince Nick to go back to Newman – and get Victor out. He... Read more

Monday, March 7th

In Victor’s office, cheerleading team-of-one Summer’s all about supporting Victor – this family, this company needs you, she thinks she can sway the family. At the club, and reading the news online, Phyllis thinks Judge Moxley a freakshow – Billy thinks her a strong woman. And Victor won’t be able... Read more

Friday, March 4th

In Victor’s office, Nikki coaches/encourages her flustered daughter – let the world know that Victor has fallen but the company won’t. On cue, Victor walks in to bark about Vikki trying to steal his company. Get out of the chair. I have work to do! At the club, Mike balks... Read more

Thursday, March 3rd

Poor mistreated Max is with social services - Ben's told to lawyer up .... Phyllis wants her lawyer pal (Mike) to ensure Victor rots in prison ... Nick's not nearly as gung ho as Sage about Shawn's baby boy ... Noah wants to marry Marisa to keep her out of jail (forgetting she's already married) ... Hilary easily manipulates Devon into forgetting about how she got Ashley to step down... Simon's to cure Ashley so they can take Hilary down together. Read more