Wednesday, August 3rd

In their new office, Billy’s not interested in Cane’s marketing ideas for Brash n Sassy – he’s more focused on being named to Jack and Neil’s foundation at today’s meeting. When did you start caring about charity? Cane wonders. In his office, Jack tells a busy Phyllis that she doesn’t... Read more

Tuesday, August 2nd

Sully asleep in the tent, Dylan and Faith take some relaxing deep breaths of forest air. Enter Sharon squealing that she’s got poison ivy or poison oak! Mariah worries they’ll all die – what are we doing here!? Summer and Luca are at home. He thinks she should change her... Read more

Monday, August 1st

The Message Boards are temporarily down but will be back up and running asap. Finding Dylan alone at home, Nick relays Adam’s claims that Dad knows of evidence that will prove he was framed. If the original pages of Sage’s diary are out there, that changed everything. Watching Belle and... Read more