Friday, April 14th

Sorry. No time to proofread etc. Happy Easter. Outside Underground, all admire Reed’s ‘sweet ride’ – except Nikki and Vikki (who denies she knew Victor was buying it) Zoey wraps her arms around Reed – now we can go to the concert – your Mom can’t tell you what to... Read more

Thursday, April 13th

At Underground, Nikki reiterates to Vikki that emotionally, she’s already separated from Victor – but the world will never know that. We’re a united front, right? I’m with you Mom – and Nick understands too. Nikki’s not sure he can keep the secret without lashing out. Vikki’s glad Victor’s not... Read more

Wednesday, April 12th

Lauren? Are you home? Phyllis rings the doorbell. Scotty opens it in a towel to update that Lauren and Mike are in Chicago for the night. Phyllis puts down her paperwork and asks if the police have any leads on Chloe’s whereabouts. No, and Scott suspects she had help getting... Read more

Tuesday, April 11th

Nikki watches Chelsea’s plea to Chloe online. Jack watches in his office, Victor watches then slams his laptop shut – as Chelsea arrives at his office. At home, Vikki asks Billy to take birthday boy Reed to the DMV for his driver’s license – she has to go be with... Read more

Monday, April 10th

Nikki’s surprised when Paul drops by – what’s wrong? Paul’s looking for Victor – there’s reason to believe Chloe killed Adam – she knocked Chelsea out and took off. The search is on. At the airport, Nick tells Victor that Chloe killed Adam – you just helped her escape. Victor... Read more

Friday, April 7th

At the airport, Nick watches Victor take Chloe’s arm and take her into a building. What’s the meaning of this? Why are you dressed like this? Victor asks. Ignoring the questions, Chloe asks her own – do you want to get rid of me for good? Call your pilot and... Read more

Thursday, April 6th

Gloria expresses what she ‘knows’ everyone’s thinking – Chloe bolted because she got cold feet. How you dare you?! Ester’s sure there’s a reasonable explanation. Mike changes the subject to Bella – who’s decorating cupcakes with the caterer. For her son’s sake, Gloria couldn’t have asked for a better outcome.... Read more

Wednesday, April 5th

Sorry. No time for spellcheck or proofreading today …At the Estate, Ester gushes about how handsome Mike and Kevin look. Family and friends will soon be here to witness all the joy. Ding dong. Gloria arrives to tell Kevin that she left the car running – it’s not too late... Read more

Tuesday, April 4th

The morning of his wedding, Kevin’s at Mike’s discussing how Scott beat them all at poker. Updated that Chelsea answered Chloe’s phone and that the bride apparently drank herself into oblivion last night, Mike has to wonder what that’s about. In the Underground office, Nick flashes back to confronting Chloe... Read more

Monday, April 3rd

Sharon arrives at Underground as summoned for an update by Nick; he’s talked to Paul and throwing Chloe a bachelorette party in hopes she’ll confess. He needs Sharon’s help. At the estate, Chelsea informs Chloe and Ester that no designated driver is needed – she’s got a limo waiting outside... Read more