Friday, June 30th

The rooftops’ 4th of July party is proudly sponsored by HWG; the Hamilton Winters Group. Attendees barely attired in red, white and blue. This seat taken? Jordan ogles Hilary as she lounges in a bikini. After the way you’ve been treating me, you might not want to get too close,... Read more

Thursday, June 29th

Mike rants and raves at Vikki – why has she suddenly decided to settle? Vikki’s painted into a corner because Cane lied about having sex. He fessed up because he was backed into a corner too – Juliet’s pregnant. Wow, his poor family, Mike responds. Reed pesters Mattie as she’s... Read more

Wednesday, June 28th

Vikki’s in her office apologising for a shipment that didn’t arrive because she didn’t approve it (looks like she has too much on the go) You’re pregnant? Lily and Cane are astonished. Yup, 13 weeks – that coincides with the night Juliet had sex with Cane in Tokyo. In the... Read more

Tuesday, June 27th

At BnS, Billy suggests Vikki sue Cane if they lose this case. I didn’t pressure anyone into having sex for a job, Cane argues. You don’t deny having sex with her, Billy notes. After Cane storms past her like, well, a hurricane Phyllis comments to herself ‘hello to you too’.... Read more

Monday, June 26th

Wow, Billy gets out of his car to hug Jill – I did not expect to see you like this ~hug~ I missed you so much, Jill gushes – but enjoyed her trip. How are you? How’s Victoria? Jill isn’t happy to see Phyllis and repulsed when she kisses her... Read more

Friday, June 23rd

Nick whines about playing happy family for the sake of the charity benefit but insists he removed Faith from the ranch solely because it was time she lived with her parents again. In that case, I guess we’re done here, Sharon walks away to open her front door (she knows... Read more

Thursday, June 22nd

Sharon comes downstairs in Scott’s shirt for a kiss – how’s the new digital media company coming along? He feels lucky and not just about the job ~kiss~ Graham enters Dina’s suite in his work out muscle shirt. Yes, she spoke with her charming lawyer – he’s emailing the documents... Read more

Wednesday, June 21st

At the park cafe, Nick finds Phyllis busy on her phone – waiting for an update from Billy regarding the lawsuit. No, Billy’s not the one accused of sexual harassment, it’s Cane, she huffily corrects Nick’s assumption. Did Ms Helton spend the night in your room, yes or no? Leslie... Read more

Tuesday, June 20th

No, Leslie has no further questions for Vikki and leaves Juliet to look awkwardly at Team BnS for a moment before following her out. Vikki reiterates to Billy that they’ll win – we have the truth on our side. At the office, Abby admires the poster of Nikki – she... Read more

Monday, June 19th

At the park cafe with Vikki, Billy’s worried his statement (and dislike for Cane) might affect the case. Vikki tells him not to worry. Juliet’s case hinges on a lie. Soon, we’ll be able to move on. Billy warns her not to be so sure. Mike at Cane’s to coach... Read more