Wednesday, May 31st

Please come as soon as you can, Chelsea will explain when the person she’s speaking to gets there ~click~ She then opens the door when Victor drops by. Nick told him about their trip to Lousiana and Chloe. Chelsea’s in shock – she feels responsible. Victor claims she’s not guilty... Read more

Tuesday, May 30th

In his office, Victor’s arguing with Nick on the phone – you don’t mind betraying your family, do you? ~click~ Nikki pokes her head in – they found Chloe didn’t they? In Dr Harris’ living room, Chelsea’s trying to revive Chloe (unconscious with pills and an empty container beside her)... Read more

Monday, May 29th

Chloe eavesdrops as Dr Harris is on the phone with Victor. They (Chelsea and Nick) are gone but suspicious. There’s no other way but the ‘nuclear option’ – Victor hoped it wouldn’t come to this. I’ll take care of her, Dr Harris hangs up to tell Chloe ‘we need to... Read more

Friday, May 26th

Dr Harris is on the phone with Victor – being ordered to keep him apprised of any new developments. As Chloe emerges, Victor hangs up and asks Scott how long he’s been standing there. Long enough to hear you talking about Chloe. Chloe cries – there was a man and... Read more

Thursday, May 25th

Scott’s asked Victor to meet him at the Chancellor Park Cafe – the acoustics in the pavilion are great; the reception will be right over there; the flowers in full bloom. Victor thinks Nikki will be pleased. Scott suspects that’s what this act of charity is all about; pleasing Nikki.... Read more

Wednesday, May 24th

Cane rushes into BnS after getting a text from Juliet. No, Vikki hasn’t called but this is an emergency, she says – Hilary knows about our one night stand. At GC Buzz, Hilary replays the video of Juliet – it wasn’t an affair; she and Cane had a one night... Read more

Tuesday, May 23rd

Hilary arrives at BnS in time to hear Cane tell Juliet that he’ll never forgive himself for what happened between them in Tokyo. As for this mess with the hockey league, it’s out of their hands now. Tessa and Reed are practicing at Underground when they take a break due... Read more

Monday, May 22nd

Billy and Phyllis enter BnS; he’s not optimistic Vikki can save the deal – his joke shouldn’t be a huge scandal. Phyllis is sure it will work out OK ~kiss~ and heads off to work when Juliet arrives. Billy again gripes about his innocent joke being taken the wrong way.... Read more

Friday, May 19th

At NE, Abby’s on the phone updating Zack, the app creator, that her business partner loved the idea – it’s a go. A few feet away, Scott’s also on the phone – a couple of copies will be fine. Summoned to Victor’s office, Scott’s told that his boss has another... Read more

Thursday, May 18th

Jack drops by the ranch with a gift for Nikki; a book. He mentions running into Dina – she’s a confounding creature. Jack’s torn on whether to cut her loose for good. Nikki knows it’s hard to walk away from someone whose love you desperately want. Scott’s in Victor’s office... Read more