Friday, March 31st

Paul closes his office door to remind Nick that the investigation into Adam’s death was closed months ago – it was a propane explosion. Deflecting Nick’s request to call Dylan, Paul will only reopen the case if he has something solid. Nick thinks this qualifies. At CL’s, Mike’s astonished to... Read more

Thursday, March 30th

Victor hovers at BnS – ‘watching a brilliant businesswoman at work’. With a hug, Vikki owes her Dad for all his support. Victor then announces that he’s hired Scott to write his autobiography – he has carte blanch to interview anyone close to me. What the hell are you thinking... Read more

Wednesday, March 29th

Nick finds Chelsea at the studio, working on Chloe’s wedding dress. She doesn’t have time to talk right now. OK, what Nick has to say won’t take long. At the GCAC, Abby updates her Mom that she took her advice and went ahead with her project; NE investing in the... Read more

Tuesday, March 28th

At the penthouse, Chelsea can’t believe Chloe would do something so horrific. Nick can – and if she killed Adam she could hurt someone else, he worries. Victor thinks Chloe delusional if she believes she’ll have her happily ever after. How happy will Kevin be if he finds out that... Read more

Monday, March 27th

Ending a call, it seems that Nick’s reluctantly using his Newman name to pressure someone into getting Chloe’s phone records. Chelsea sure hopes the records show that Chloe was here, at the penthouse, that night – not the cabin. Kevin and Chloe have asked Gloria and Ester to meet them... Read more

Friday, March 24th

At the Baldwins home, an excited Kevin announces that he and Chloe are getting married. Mike and Scott don’t have much to say but Lauren’s a bit leery – are you trying to recapture what you had? No, Kevin wants a new life with Chloe and Bella. Likewise, Chloe’s showing... Read more

Thursday, March 23rd

A ‘gorgeous’ Chloe joins Kevin at Top of the Tower. What’s the occasion? Kevin will explain everything. At the penthouse, Chelsea knows a tracking device when she sees one but has no idea how it got into Connor’s dinosaur. Nick’s sure someone knows – the person who put it in... Read more

Wednesday, March 22nd

At CL’s, Sharon serves Scott coffee and some advice on how to clear the cobwebs out – take a walk – she’ll watch his stuff. Greeting Scott on his way out, Chelsea tells Sharon that she is indeed there for pastries for Nick – as an apology. Nick’s at the... Read more

Tuesday, March 21st

Vikki yanks the flashdrive out of Billy’s laptop as they absorb what they’ve just seen; Gloria’s accusation – that just happened. We have Jack right where we want him. At the office, Gloria wants to toast Jack’s success in taking the hockey deal away from BnS. He has no time... Read more

Monday, March 20th

Giving Jack his messages, Gloria warns him not to trust that ‘modern day Hedda Hopper’ (Hilary) You should be thanking her for stopping your interview, Jack reminds ‘Clarissa’. Gloria declares herself quite an asset – in and out of the office. Whatever you want, I do it, she purrs. At... Read more