Friday, September 29th

Overjoyed to have her man home, Chelsea welcomes Nick with questions about how his trip went – and how much did you miss me? She’s unimpressed with the beer mug he’s brought her back until she’s prodded to look inside it. Kevin’s in Victor’s office to defend his lack of... Read more

Thursday, September 28th

After Alice faints, Mariah realizes – holy crap, she thinks I’m my sister. She’s totally out of it. We need back up, she tells Tessa. Even dead, Cassie may be our last hope, Mariah leaves Tessa to guard Alice. Whoops, Mariah says when interrupting Sharon and Scott making out. Obediently... Read more

Wednesday, September 27th

Cane came (to the house) as soon as he got Lily’s message. She announces that she won’t be going to counseling again. WE need to discuss our future – tonight. White knuckling the steering wheel, Tessa drives through the night with determination – she vows to find Alice, then Crystal... Read more

Tuesday, September 26th

In Jack’s office, Ashley shushes Ravi as she rants about firing Phyllis. Jack seems to have another idea. Down at BnS, Vikki thinks it too risky for Billy to access Phyllis’ computer again – promise me you won’t do it. Won’t do what? Phyllis appears to ask. Abby wonders what... Read more

Monday, September 25th

Watching a ‘raging river of code’ whiz by on Lauren’s laptop, Phyllis muses that it might contain the digital fingerprints of a corporate spy. Ravi doubts he’ll find the smoking gun in Lauren’s laptop. Be thorough with mine, Phyllis hopes he catches any viruses. Insider corporate espionage makes her feel... Read more

Friday, September 22nd

As much as Nikki’s enjoying her breakfast at the club, she enjoyed the one Jack made at the cabin even more. There’s something magical about that place – I can finally be myself, she gushes. No, she hasn’t (and won’t) tell Victor. In Dina’s suite, Graham leads her into expressing... Read more

Thursday, September 21st

Now dressed after their *ahem* workout, Billy and Phyllis rejoin one another in the gym. He appreciates the distraction – with everything going on with Jack and work, Phyllis makes Billy feel sane again. Let’s go upstairs and grab a bit to eat. Over dinner, Jack pitches his idea to... Read more

Wednesday, September 20th

Juliet shows up at the Chancellor estate. What are you doing here? Cane opens the front door to ask (with a drink in his hand) Saving your life, Juliet has take out food. At home, Mariah models a new dress to see what Tessa thinks. Devon will be impressed, Tessa... Read more

Tuesday, September 19th

At Underground, Nick in a good mood and has come to terms with Victor helping them secure the liquor license in Ann Arbor. We don’t owe anyone anything, including your grandfather, he tells Noah. Nick’s just excited about the new club. Victor’s at the ranch on his phone – get... Read more

Monday, September 18th

Sleep well? At the cabin, Jack serves Nikki tea and a good morning kiss as she stands to admire the scenic view. Oh, and there’s mention of Victor, as usual. Ashley accosts Victor as he comes in the club’s revolving door. Mentioning how much Abby enjoys living at the ranch,... Read more