Friday, April 28th

Cane eavesdrops on Billy and Phyllis in the coat check room. He wants to be out in the open too – trust me ~kiss~ Cane steps away as Billy walks past then when Phyllis emerges tells her to have a good night. You too, she replies. Not happy to see... Read more

Thursday, April 27th

What are you guys arguing about so intensely? Lily asks Cane and Juliet; who says they need to be straight with Lily (still wearing THE camisole) At the cafe, Billy’s sorry he jumped to conclusions. He didn’t know Vikki was dealing with something so private (as her Mother’s health) Now... Read more

Wednesday, April 26th

At the office, Vikki gives Billy her full attention. This isn’t easy to say, you deserve to hear it from me… Billy’s interrupted by a call from Nikki. You’re Father’s done something – I’m livid – come over. Nick’s on his way. Apologizing to Billy, Vikki hurries out – we’ll... Read more

Tuesday, April 25th

Having spent the night at Phyllis’, Billy has to wear yesterday’s clothes to BnS (the walk of shame). They won’t have to sneak around this time but it’s too early to go public. Billy wants Vikki to hear it from him and Phyllis will break the news to Jack. In... Read more

Monday, April 24th

Scott’s looking at Chris’ number on his phone when Lauren comes home from her jog. He’s been feeling lonely – perhaps his Mom can set him up? Yes, Phyllis told him. You think I can’t find my own dates? Scott chides Lauren. Paul, Kevin, Billy and Mike wait it out... Read more

Friday, April 21st

At his desk at the station, Kevin’s handed an envelope containing a letter from Chloe – she misses him and left before getting a chance to tell him that Bella might be his daughter. Phyllis comes downstairs mentioning that Billy had a package delivered from the office. Billy’s shocked to... Read more

Thursday, April 20th

Phyllis hangs up on a telemarketer then opens her front door to find Billy there. Who is it? Jack bellows in the background. Good night. Good night. Ashley wipes lipstick off Ravi’s mouth then looks mildly disappointed when he goes into his own room (across the hall) At CL’s, Sharon... Read more

Wednesday, April 19th

Bringing Scott to the ranch, Nikki apologizes for cutting his evening with Sharon short. She wants to talk about protecting Victor. Who could be a threat to Victor Newman? Scott wonders. As soon as she gets home, Phyllis sends Billy a text – life is too short – call me.... Read more

Tuesday, April 18th

Nikki drops by BnS. Hearing all about Reed being angry because Vikki returned the car, Nikki wants to talk to him – get him to see his Mom’s point of view. She must help repair the damage Victor’s done. Vikki whines that nothing can undo the damage done between her... Read more

Monday, April 17th

At Vikki’s place, Reed rants ‘n raves to Billy. The car his grandpa gave him is already gone. We were getting along so well – why’s Mom back to being a mean, uptight person!? What’s wrong with her!? Placing a flower arrangement on the table, Nikki finds and reads aloud... Read more