Tuesday, February 28th

When Vikki clip-clops in to say that Billy’s showing the new rep around, Cane caustically wonders if that’s a good idea. As for Juliette, Cane thinks her smart with a lot of good ideas – and she likes MY ideas. But, he suspects this may be Vikki’s clever way of... Read more

Monday, February 27th

Billy comes down happy to see Jill recovering well. She appreciates the doting son act but not his meddling in her personal life. He shouldn’t have donated all Collin’s stuff. At the Ashby home, Lily asks Collin what his plans are (yes, she wonders if he’s looking for a place... Read more

Friday, February 24th

Jack moans as Gloria rubs his shoulders. Looking greatly disturbed, Mike’s back with the revised contract. Am I supposed to pretend I didn’t see what I just saw? he asks. Still at home, Lauren welcomes Paul with a weepy hug – who’s got my son???? Phyllis barges into Ravi’s office... Read more

Thursday, February 23rd

Making it past nervous-nelly Ester, Jack visits Jill as she relaxes at home. I’m not on death’s door, she scoffs. Jack brought a gift; a Jack in the box. When she brings up their deal, Jack informs that he knows Collin stole all her money. Ending a call with ‘try... Read more

Wednesday, February 22nd

Jill doesn’t appreciate the flowers – they’re as dead as our marriage. They’ll blossom again – just like our marriage, Collin realizes he messed things up but wants to start again. You’ll never lay another finger on my body or bank account – Jill only summoned Collin to see his... Read more

Tuesday, February 21st

At GC Buzz, Hilary barely listens to what Vikki’s saying before marching off. Equally flustered, Lily’s breezes past too. Mariah’s the only one to pay any attention to Vikki (who wonders where her team is) Playing grumpy patient, Jill tries to send Billy off to Vikki’s interview. And she doesn’t... Read more

Monday, February 20th

Thanking Ravi for keeping her company on Valentine’s Day, Phyllis is surprised to hear that he came back to Jabot to debug some code. About to come out of Jack’s office, Ashley pauses to watch – then ducks back into the office to scowl. Mariah loudly announces a code D... Read more

Friday, February 17th

At home, Lauren’s disappointed that it’s a telemarketer calling her cell – not Scotty. Oh, why hasn’t he called her back? Wordlessly, Mike can only offer a hug. Billy finds Vikki in the hallway. She didn’t want to interrupt. You could and should have – Billy’s glad she’s there. Having... Read more

Thursday, February 16th

Vikki nags Reed for not being ready to go to his grandparents – Billy will be here soon to pick up the kids. Reed’s not exactly thrilled with the evening’s itinerary. He’s already in hell (no guitar, phone and Internet etc.) Now I have to spend time with the family!?... Read more

Wednesday, February 15th

Thanks to Riley for recapping today’s show. As Jill wakes up in the hospital, flashes of Billy and Esther looking down at her begin to appear, both with looks of concern. Jill pushes the two to leave her be, but they have no intention of leaving after her whole ordeal... Read more