Thursday, November 30th

At the club for Mimosas, Abby clinks Lily’s glass – quitting was the right thing to do. She’s now ‘fun-employed’ Yes, being kidnapped and locked in a storage unit was a nightmare It was horrible, every second of it, Abby lies. At CL’s, Scott ends a call to tell Sharon... Read more

Wednesday, November 29th

At her desk, Gloria taunts Hilary over the phone. Unable to book an ‘urgent lunch date’ with Jack, Hilary hangs up in anger. Mariah comes over with bad news – sponsors and guests are bailing out (because of the nude photos no doubt) Jack opens the door for the guys... Read more

Tuesday, November 28th

Noah joins Vikki at Top of The Tower. She puts down her tablet to complain about Hashtag still being up and Scott and Abby hijacking the press conference. Abby was defending herself, Noah understands why she’d want to set the record straight. Vikki doesn’t understand Abby at all – she... Read more

Monday, November 27th

At the ranch, Vikki declines a drink. Victor will toast (alone) to destroying anyone who’s trying to destroy NE. He then tells Vikki that the gun used to kill Zack belonged to a Newman. On the CL’s patio, Paul hasn’t asked Nikki to meet him to discuss Dina, but to... Read more

Friday, November 24th

In his office, Jack tasks Gloria (by phone) with arranging a meeting with all department heads to discuss ‘the transition’. At the club, Nikki reads Jack’s ‘please call me’ text through narrowed eyes. Across the room, Mike asks Victor if he’s going to speak to ‘her’. Who? Victor turns to... Read more

Thursday, November 23rd

Oh. Imagine my surprise to tune in today and see yet another ‘classic’ (or what we call a ‘repeat’ up here in Canada) My archives don’t go back that far but I’ve recapped enough Nick/Sharon weddings already so have no desire in watching 10/06/14 again; it’s the one which new... Read more

Tuesday, November 21st

At the head of his festively decorated table, Victor addresses his guests; Tessa, Noah, Abby on one side, Vikki, Reed, Faith and Chelsea on the other. He touches upon the hard times that have made him value his family all the more. Let us give thanks and pause to remember... Read more

Monday, November 20th

At CL’s, Sharon and Mariah are watching the start of Hilary’s mysterious live show. Who knows what she’s cooking up for ratings this time. Nikki and Vikki are lunching at the club. Nikki declines Vikki’s invite to the Newman family dinner – but she won’t be spending the holiday alone,... Read more

Friday, November 17th

You’re being paranoid and scaring me, Abby insists Scott means nothing to her. Don’t lie to me! Zack waves the gun around – you’re no better than the girls on my payroll. You cheated. Say goodbye, lovers. A gun is fired. As Zack falls, we see Crystal briefly in the... Read more