Monday, July 31st

On the patio, Billy convinces Jesse that he went to GC Buzz and saw the footage that he supposedly deleted. This is my turf – the DA and police chief are good friends of mine. Start talking or do I start making calls? Jesse looks terrified. Lily calls the bank... Read more

Friday, July 28th

Cane hugs Lily; having you in my arms means everything to me. Lily’s hurt – but would rather teach the twins about forgiveness than breaking up the family. The worst is behind us, she wants to believe. Believe it – because it is, Cane assures. Billy now suspects Jesse was... Read more

Thursday, July 27th

Cane’s online looking frowning at his bank account and thinking about Jesse’s demand for 25K when the twins enter bickering as they’re about to head off for their first day of internship at Hamilton Winters. Charlie tattles that Mattie wasn’t out studying last night. Oh? The movies? Who’d you go... Read more

Wednesday, July 26th

Billy chats with Chelsea as he towels Johnny off post swim. Connor and Katie are down in the ‘kids club’. At home, Charlie apologizes for hurting his Mom – but how can she forgive Dad for cheating and getting another woman pregnant? How can you stand to be in the... Read more

Tuesday, July 25th

At Jabot, Ravi compliments Ashley on her inner glow and hears that spa day was enlightening. Dina said something that’s got Ashley thinking. In his office, Jack calls Dina. Gee, he thought he was being sent to voicemail. You almost did, Dina admits (only answering because Graham prodded her) Phyllis... Read more

Monday, July 24th

Nick’s at GC Buzz to confront Hilary over the garage footage. How dare you!? Hilary merely told the truth; don’t like it? Look in the mirror. At Jabot, Jack informs Phyllis that Cane seems willing to take down Brash n Sassy if hired. Vikki will regret firing him, he predicts.... Read more

Friday, July 21st

In Jack’s office, Gloria hears that he left the benefit with Nikki and that Dina was not pleased. Neither is Gloria. When Vikki drops by the ranch full of questions, Nikki downplays kissing Jack. She needed a night away and they didn’t share a bedroom. Vikki would have an easier... Read more

Thursday, July 20th

Seated at the club, Phyllis tries to get Billy to bail on work in favour of Underground. Unfortunately, he must go find a way to spin Cane leaving BnS and improve those lousy sales numbers. Phyllis assumes this work-night was Vikki’s idea. No, it was Billy’s – it’s all hands... Read more

Wednesday, July 19th

At CL’s, Mariah tells Tessa that things are OK with Devon. Yes, she told him how she felt and he claims to want her, not Hilary. You can breathe again, Tessa smiles – Mariah does not look convinced. Howard and Hilary watch their video of Victor and Nick’s altercation in... Read more

Tuesday, July 18th

As Victor’s looking out of the window at Top of the Tower, Nikki’s bidding Jack good morning at the cabin. She slept well in the cozy guest room and hasn’t felt this good in ages. She’s so happy the stress is behind her and again thanks Jack for whisking her... Read more