Thursday, August 31st

Nikki’s made an early (and surprise) visit to BnS – she can’t believe Hilary aired that clip of Vikki and Hawkman. As for Victor – he’s caused irreparable damage, Vikki complains. Yes, she’s thinking about Billy – I wish we were back together. A clearly pissed off Phyllis is eager... Read more

Wednesday, August 30th

The Baldwin’s are having a romantic evening, dancing and kissing in the living room when Scott comes home – sorry guys. Lauren stops him from leaving – we haven’t talked since you moved out – how are you? How’s Sharon? You really wanna know? Scott smirks. At Underground, Sharon shows... Read more

Tuesday, August 29th

Alice? Alice Johnson? Nick Newman? I haven’t seen you since Cassie died. What brings you to GC? Nick asks (as Alice is about to leave) Back at Sharon’s, Tessa sends Noah a text – please come to your Mom’s asap – there’s something I need to tell you. Abby’s been... Read more

Monday, August 28th

At the penthouse, Nikki comes down from visiting Faith to ask Nick if he plans to let her see her Grandfather whenever she wants – or is he determined to keep her away from Victor? Abby drops by the main house to rave about her new digs; the tackhouse is... Read more

Friday, August 25th

Sharon visits to lecture Victor (who’d be finally seeing his granddaughter if he hadn’t kicked Nick out) And now that Faith’s not living on the ranch, Sharon won’t see her as much either. Excellent work. At the penthouse, Nick asks Faith to apologize to Chelsea and give her new living... Read more

Thursday, August 24th

Nick walks a bored looking Faith into CL’s. How about a brownie? You must have missed those. Faith perks up when Sharon comes out to hug her – I bet you’re glad to be home. I guess, Faith’s words and lack of enthusiasm puzzle her Mom. Chelsea’s at the ranch... Read more

Wednesday, August 23rd

At the club’s bar, Hilary insists that there’s something going on between Lily and Jordan. He lost interest in you, Cane guesses – and you’re afraid he’ll set his sights on Lily. You didn’t have to walk me in, Lily thanks Jordan for the drive home. He’ll get out of... Read more

Tuesday, August 22nd

*For anyone wondering, yesterday’s show was pre-empted by the sun (or lack thereof for a minute or so)* Thinking he’s alone at the ranch Victor sits to flash back to cutting both Nicholas and Nikki out of his life. He’s unpleasantly surprised when Nikki appears. At the penthouse, Nick admires... Read more

Friday, August 18th

At the tackhouse looking for Nick, Nikki’s surprised to find Abby has moved in. Jordan’s sorry but he’s been thinking about kissing Lily since Cane moved out. Neil informs Devon that he gave Vikki a bridge loan for BnS. Without asking me? Devon’s mildly annoyed.  Neil didn’t just do it... Read more

Thursday, August 17th

Dina arrives at the office to bid Jack and Ashley good morning and explain that she was late due to being waylaid by that charming young man downstairs (the competition) At BnS, Billy gets a text and makes a beeline for the elevator (which Phyllis yanks him into) An agitated... Read more