Tuesday, October 31st

In costume, the twins come home to find that Cane’s decorated the house for Halloween. It’s going to be awesome! he holds a candle below his chin in a bid to be scary. The twins couldn’t look more mortified. At Jabot, Victor sticks his arm in the elevator door to... Read more

Monday, October 30th

Victor arrives at BnS to see Vikki throwing boxes of BnS’s mask into the garbage. It’s time to go for a walk, he insists as he holds up her coat. Managing to get past Gloria to find Jack’s office empty, Billy threatens to tell the whole family (including Dina) that... Read more

Friday, October 27th

As Vikki tosses and turns in her hospital bed, Billy’s at BnS still doing damage control on the phone. In Florida, Jack and Ashley are deciding what to do when Dina reappears. This time she’s delighted by the visit – did you sleep well? At CL’s, Scott’s sure that Design... Read more

Thursday, October 26th

At BnS, Billy orders a tech to do tests on the mask then does damage control by phone and video conference; no, there’s no problem with any of BnS’s products, he repeats over and over the rips out his earpiece to lay down. Lauran marches in – have you seen... Read more

Wednesday, October 25th

In the motel room, Scott gets out of the bed (with Natalia’s dead body) pulls his shirt off, puts out the do not disturb sign and leaves a message for Victor – I need your help right away. At GCM, Billy follows Vikki’s gurney as far as he’s allowed then... Read more

Tuesday, October 24th

Looking tired, stressed and bruised, Vikki gets off the elevator at BnS. Sun beaming into her kitchen, Phyllis ignores the text messages beeping in from Billy except to say that he can kiss her …. As she makes coffee, male legs appear in the background, dangling above the balcony. Vikki... Read more

Monday, October 23rd

At the apartment, Phyllis unleashes on Billy as she puts her computer away – there’s some perverse irony in you using Jack’s Mother (her password) to screw him over for VIKKI’S gain. That’s not true, Billy’s denial is met with a slap in the face. Don’t lie to me again,... Read more

Friday, October 20th

Vikki’s blackened eyes are now closed as she sits behind the wheel of her car; airbags deployed. Billy and Phyllis sway on the dancefloor at Top of the Tower. He doesn’t want this moment to end. Let’s make it last as long as we can, Phyllis whispers into his kiss.... Read more

Thursday, October 19th

At Jack’s, Mike’s ordered to come up with a solution to remove ‘that parasite’ Graham as Dina’s power of attorney – or I will! Vikki joins Billy at the darkened BnS lab – you OK? She knows he’s worried about Ashley. Showing Vikki the new packaging for the face mask,... Read more

Wednesday, October 18th

Unable to find either Dina or Graham, Traci (the calmest Abbott goes to see if their Mother was taken for more tests) Sure that Graham’s behind it, Jack (and his power-of-attorney briefcase) goes in search while Ashley calls Graham. At BnS, Billy talks about compartmentalizing his emotions. Phyllis understands –... Read more