Friday, June 16th

At the condo, Billy doesn’t know whether Cane’s guilty or innocent – but this is bad timing for Vikki – he’s worried about her. Phyllis figures that Billy can be a supportive employee and co-parent – but Vikki’s emotional well-being isn’t your problem. Vikki’s dropped by Mike’s – the burden... Read more

Thursday, June 15th

At GC Buzz, Mariah updates Hilary that she’s done some digging on her assignment. A suit has been filed against Brash n Sassy but no names or allegations are available at the courthouse. Luckily, Mariah has a source, Devon. She also knows the parties involved, Cane and Juliet and that... Read more

Wednesday, June 14th

Cane takes the phone away as Juliet threatens to call security. My life is falling apart and you’re the only one who can help me. Lily’s surprised when Vikki drops by to speak to Cane. Told he’s not home, Vikki warns Lily that things are going to get very ugly... Read more

Tuesday, June 13th

Scott’s surprised when Abby turns around in her Dad’s chair. Given a list of companies to research, he surprises her in return – he won’t be available to help with her little projects. Vikki gives Neil a hug when he drops by BnS. Yes, he heard about the suit against... Read more

Monday, June 12th

In Dr Harris’ house, Kevin’s sure he has an accomplice (the John Doe listed on his phone) How else would he be able to fake Chloe’s suicide, autopsy and send him and Billy letters from the Islands? Do YOU know who his partner is? Kevin addresses Chloe (who looks away,... Read more

Friday. June 9th

Scott’s in Victor’s office to request a change from these menial jobs (like compiling a list of media outlets Victor didn’t even look at. Seemingly in agreement, Victor makes a call to cancel the acquisition of the media outlet Scott recommended (and which he was to run) Hold on, Scott’s... Read more

Thursday, June 8th

At CL’s, Sharon reports pulling an extra shift on the crisis lines. Speaking to people who are alone makes her grateful she has so much support. Scott’s done some thinking after watching what Kevin’s going through. In Paul’s office, Kevin’s happy to hear that his leave of absence has been... Read more

Wednesday, June 7th

Now evening, Jordan joins Hilary at the club’s bar. Knowing all about Juliet suing BnS (specifically Cane) for sexual harassment he’s not buying it (he was there after all) Fired justifiably for a costly mistake, Jordan thinks Juliet got some bad advice from someone she thinks is in her corner... Read more

Tuesday, June 6th

Kevin, this is real, not a dream – listen, trust me and do everything I say – Chloe will explain. It’s OK, she tells an obviously stunned Kevin, who’s now scrambled to his feet. On the CL’s patio, Billy guesses that Juliet’s claiming that Cane sexually harassed her (which is... Read more

Monday, June 5th

At the church, Kevin ignores Chelsea for the most part and loses his mind on Nick – blaming him for Chloe killing herself. How dare you show your face here! he’s physically restrained by Mike. On the CL’s patio, Hilary hopes Juliet’s not having second thoughts. This power move is... Read more