Thursday, November 16th

A jittery Scott waits in a car until Abby returns with a motel key – Zack’s car’s parked out back. This is the time to act, he doesn’t want to wait for the police. Their hands touch briefly as Abby hands over the key. You’re not going anywhere’, Scott orders.... Read more

Wednesday, November 15th

Mariah’s at CL’s to see how Sharon’s doing. I can blow off work to keep you company and distract you from your missing boyfriend, she offers. Hilary going on air to talk about Abby and Scott being missing will help (as does Jack and Victor’s reward for info) Sharon thinks... Read more

Tuesday, November 14th

Now daytime, Abby and Scott are still stuck in the storage locker. He awakens grumbling as she’s making noise to try attract attention. Nobody’s coming, Scott’s sure – we’re in the middle of nowhere. Abby disagrees – I’m a Newman and an Abbott and you’re a semi-renowned journalist. Someone will... Read more

Monday, November 13th

Arriving at the office, Vikki’s puzzled when she passes NE’s head of security. He’s searching for Abby, Victor says. She left with Zack willingly, Vikki points out – then raves about the event being a success – there’s no mention of Dina stabbing Mom or the prostitute … Victor’s preoccupied... Read more

Friday, November 10th

Top of the Tower is in chaos as Scott pounds on the elevator door. Abby!!! What the hell just happened? That girl said Design Date is a front for prostitution? Abby’s nearly hyperventilating as the elevator takes them down. You’re going to blame this on Scott!? She wants to go... Read more

Thursday, November 9th

At Jabot, Abby’s bubbling over with excitement when inviting her Mother to the party her Dad’s throwing for her. There’s been a lot of closed-door meetings. She suspects Victor might be announcing that he’s giving her a new title and a bigger role in the company! Ashley’s so happy for... Read more

Wednesday, November 8th

As Lily looks over at Cane sleeping in GCM’s waiting room, Juliet lays motionless in a hospital bed as her monitors start to beep. Jordan marches into the station as Hilary’s looking at his fake ID’s that she’s posted on the GC Buzz website. What the hell did you do... Read more

Tuesday, November 7th

Lily and Mike are in the courtroom, as is Cane’s lawyer – but where is her client? (After last night, Lily knows being in limbo is no good for anyone) Spotting Paul, Cane whines that he’s still being held (Billy was bailed out) He must get out or call his... Read more

Monday, November 6th

Sorry he missed a meeting, Devon’s back from an exhausting trip to New York (scouting artists at nightclubs) Neil wishes he had something to be as passionate about. Coming home to loud music, Lily’s surprised that Mattie’s the one playing it while Charlie’s setting the table for dinner. Mattie’s bummed... Read more

Friday, November 3rd

Outside GCM, Billy switches his wheelchair for crutches and watches with envy as a happy couple leaves together. No one here to pick you up? Jack appears to ask. Vikki bumps into Abby at NE. She too can’t believe Nick’s been ‘burned’ again (the first time being you moving into... Read more