Thursday, September 20th

At the station, Rey’s on the phone requesting that the new employees’ desk be close to his. Why? Because we’ll be working together. Coming downstairs, Nick asks Sharon if she’s excited about her first day on the job. She’s on hold (with the station) Taking this job isn’t a good... Read more

Wednesday, September 19th

Seated at the club, Vikki worries about NE’s finances. It’s a little warm in here, she comments as Nate stops by to hear that Victor’s following his diet and exercise regime. Nate wishes all his patients were so cooperative – Victor wishes all doctors were so diligent. After Nate leaves... Read more

Monday, September 17th

I thought I had more shares in that account – Billy’s on the phone insisting his stockbroker get him some cash TODAY. Keep working on it, he ends the call to lie when Phyllis enters his office very suspicious and noting he’s in a rotten mood wonders if Billy’s ‘budget... Read more

Friday, September 14th

When Kyle comes downstairs, Jack’s quick exit is stalled by questions about his search for his Father. He doesn’t think anything will come of Abby’s idea to spread the photo around social media and on TV – and doesn’t seem to care. Billy’s called Ashley into his office to apologize... Read more

Thursday, September 13th

Like the wonderful secretary she is, Gloria joins Billy in his office offering to order him dinner as the workday extends into the evening. The typical 9AM-5PM shift is slowly transforming into 9AM-9PM as the launch of Jabotique approaches. As he gazes through the company’s expenses, Billy comes across an... Read more

Tuesday, September 11th

Mariah brings food (that a pacing Sharon can’t eat) to the police station. She’s livid that Rey lied to, and used her. Nick was the one who used JT’s cards – maybe someone tipped him off, Mariah suggests. Who!? Sharon yelps. Me, Abby appears on cue to announce. Nick holds... Read more

Monday, September 10th

Dressed to impress, Nick meanders around the fancy Dark Horse headquarters. Sharon arrives – impressive. No, she doesn’t doubt Nick but isn’t sure she recognizes him. At CL’s, Rey assumes Sharon’s not there because she’s at the Dark Horse launch party. I guess, Tessa shrugs and goes to clear tables.... Read more

Friday, September 7th

Jack stops by Nikki’s table as she reads a fancy gold on black invitation to ‘the most exclusive event in town’ (the launch of Dark Horse) Does the CEO’s Mother get a plus one? she quips. Yes, as long as it doesn’t violate the strict ‘no mustache policy’; Victor won’t... Read more