Thursday, November 15th

The Rosales’ scene blowing over quickly when Mia marches off, Summer tries to entice Kyle into dancing with her. Abby comes out of hiding to confront Arturo. She now knows the issue between him and Rey – you slept with his wife! At the bar, Jack needles Billy for bringing... Read more

Wednesday, November 14th

Billy’s wowed when he comes to pick up Sharon; the perfect escort for the evening. Sharon’s only goal tonight is to prove how well she’s moving on (not to make trouble) Watching time-stamped footage taken in Vikki’s garage, Tessa explains what Mariah’s looking at. While you were passed out, the... Read more

Tuesday, November 13th

Mia’s made Rey’s hangover remedy. She was distracted by that woman; Cheryl, Sherry. Oh, that’s right – Sharon, Mia fips the blender on. No, Mariah didn’t sleep well last night and if that’s Tessa, tell her to leave. Sharon lets Kyle in on her way out. Tessa can’t be honest... Read more

Monday, November 12th

Dressed to impress, Lauren and Kerry enter Phyllis office – you didn’t forget what we’re supposed to be doing right now did you? Is that today? Phyllis clearly did forget. Billy chats with Sharon at the club’s bar. Why get your coffee here? Is everything OK at Crimson Lights? Why... Read more

Friday, November 9th

When Rey doesn’t fall all over her at work, Sharon fumes about him pretending she doesn’t exist – then spots Nick lurking and lashes out at him. Nick’s not there to see Sharon (who’s gobsmacked when both men ignore her and go off for a private chat) Mariah has a... Read more

Thursday, November 8th

Nikki drops by Sharon’s to ask what Rey found at the park. Mariah comes down to assume that’s something important – he seems ready to make an arrest. In her office, Phyllis is distracted with the news when Kerry drops by. Having also read the news, she can see why... Read more

Wednesday, November 7th

Mariah’s reporting live from the park (but has no details to pass on except that a forensics team is on site) Vikki joins her Mom at the park. Stay cool – there’s police everywhere. She relays what Sharon and Phyllis already know. A repair crew dug up JT’s watch and... Read more

Tuesday, November 6th

Summer wants to talk to Kyle about the Synergy project. He doesn’t so brushes past her to take the elevator down. Summer peeks through the window as Phyllis and Jack argue. Her personal life aside, Jack worries about the thousands of Jabot employees who depend on this company. They’re depending... Read more

Monday, November 5th

At CL’s, Arturo tells Abby that he plans to take the watch he found to the police station. Someone will be grateful it was found. Shouldn’t you be working on the Hellstrom case? Chris appears at Rey’s desk to remind that the clock’s ticking on this investigation. Rey wants to... Read more

Friday, November 2nd

Nice of you to join us, Kyle quips as Phyllis strides into her office. We meet at MY convenience, she is the CEO after all. Neither Kyle nor Billy are pleased to hear that it’ll be a long night. At the club, Nikki wanted to check in on Nick after... Read more