Tuesday, May 22nd

Looking at the blueprints on her desk, Gloria’s not enthused to hear that Billy’s having Arturo install a window in the wall so he can see into the reception. As CEO, Billy wants to be visible and transparent. Gloria grudgingly admits she likes Billy’s ideas (which doesn’t sit well with... Read more

Monday, May 21st

Kyle’s about to head out to work when Ashley stops him to update that Jack went on a bender, had some pills (but may not have taken any) and is now acting like everything is normal. Knowing Jack isn’t OK, Ashley’s surprised to hear that he isn’t in his room.... Read more

Friday, May 18th

Mariah comes home looking for Nick and Sharon. Guys, I really need your help, she runs upstairs. Oh My God! (sounds like she walked in on something horrifying) In Jack’s office, Billy and Ashley worry about Jack. Paul’s looking into it; he hasn’t used his card but was at the... Read more

Thursday, May 17th

Snuggling with Nick in bed, Sharon feels like she’s 22 again – but more fun; not so serious (and more skill beneath the sheets) Nick wants to keep it simple – we’re friends with benefits. Sharon’s enjoying ‘giant’ benefits and having the house to themselves. At Jabot, Phyllis calls Nikki... Read more

Wednesday, May 16th

Abby pulls away as Arturo’s about to kiss her – my Uncle could come home any minute. It’ll be easier for him to get to the cabin now that the storm has subsided. Unconscious, Jack’s face is planted in the airbag of his car. Looking at the portrait of her... Read more

Tuesday, May 15th

At the house, Kyle and Ashley have both struck out in their search for Jack – hopefully, he’s just holed up somewhere. Dina comes in fretting about John’s whereabouts – she waited up until midnight and it’s now afternoon! Kyle and Ashley claim that John’s on a trip and will... Read more

Monday, May 14th

Speeding along, Nick’s scanner app updates that JT’s cell is being picked up just three blocks away. We’ve got him! Nick exclaims. In the passenger seat, Phyllis sneaks her cell phone out. Abby and Ashley find Vikki sitting behind her Dad’s desk. All politely discuss business as Vikki gets a... Read more

Friday, May 11th

Kyle finds a morose Jack in the living room. Is that what I think it is? He looks at the envelope and wonders ‘are we still Abbotts’? At CL’s, Sharon tells Nick that they’ll have the house to themselves for the evening – how about a bubble bath for two?... Read more

Thursday, May 10th

Gifted with a unique fragrance Ashley created just for her, Dina wonders what the occasion is. Told it’s Mother’s Day, she wonders why Traci isn’t spending it with her own Mother. Traci smiles – I will. Abby looks none too pleased when Jack comes home, possibly still drunk and waving... Read more

Wednesday, May 9th

Over coffee and after a restless night, Abby and Ashley wonder how the memory card they burned made it to the screen. Jack must be devastated. On cue, Jack comes down dressed for the office and acting like nothing is wrong – he won’t let one flawed DNA test or... Read more