Friday, March 16th

Victor’s heard but not seen as we focus on a chessboard. Chess is a strategy – surround yourself with strength and you’ll be protected. At home, Vikki leaves a message for JT – call me back. She needs his opinion on the option Victor gave her to stay at Newman.... Read more

Tuesday, March 13th

In his tank top, Nick comes down to ask why the house is so cold. Wearing her winter woollies, Sharon informs that the heat went out in the middle of the night. They then joke about her history of wearing socks to bed due to her ‘freakishly cold feet’. The... Read more

Monday, March 12th

At the ranch, Vikki updates her Mom on her attempt to get Ashley fired – and now is waiting for her Dad to fire her. He’ll never fire you, Nikki’s sure. He’s fired people for much less, Vikki frets. In his office, Victor’s not surprised that Vikki’s not taking JT’s... Read more

Friday, March 9th

How did your Father react? Ashley asks when Abby drops by the house. He needs time to go over it, Abby couldn’t read Victor. Even if he believes his favourite daughter is the guilty one, Abby’s not sure Victor will do anything about it. In her office, Vikki continues to... Read more

Thursday, March 8th

Victor closes his office door and thanks Ashley for coming. Declining to take a seat, Ashley rants about Vikki – she’s tired of dealing with it. You won’t have to anymore – Victor’s concluded that Ashley’s the one colluding with Jack. You’re loyal to him and Jabot – and you’re... Read more

Wednesday, March 7th

At NE, JT asks Victor why he’s being taken off the investigation (since he’s head of security and the one who found evidence that company secrets are being leaked to Jabot) Meeting Vikki at the club for breakfast, Nikki thanks her for letting the kids come over. Yes, things are... Read more

Tuesday, March 6th

It’s employee appreciation day at NE; Vikki’s idea to make herself likeable. In the breakroom, she whines to JT about Ashley not being fired yet. Surely a box of donuts will show everyone that she’s the one they can put their faith in. At the club, Ashley tells Lily how... Read more

Monday, March 5th

Apparently aroused by hearing how JT managed to break into Jack’s desk to find the paperwork that will oust Ashley, Vikki thinks it fitting that he get her old office – and sex right here in this one (at least she has the sense to lock the door) A ‘very... Read more

Friday, March 2nd

While Phyllis is at the penthouse, knocking on the door, Nick and Christian are receiving an enthusiastic welcome from Sharon and especially Faith. On the phone with Abby, Ashley tells her not to blame herself. Call ended, Ashley reports to Jack that the nurse went to fetch a porter for... Read more