Tuesday, July 17th

Hilary can’t wait for Devon to get back from his trip tonight. Shawna appreciates Hilary being cool about Charlie coming over – you’re going to kick butt as a Mom. Hearing she’ll be studying, Hilary leaves the young, responsible Shawna to it – don’t study too hard. Now alone, Shawna... Read more

Monday, July 16th

In her office, both Vikki and her Mom are freaking out because they can’t reach Victor. Oh, thank God! Nikki gasps as she runs into his arms. Why didn’t you call? Vikki scolds her Dad – and where’s JT? Victor stuns them with the news that Nick’s been impersonating JT.... Read more

Friday, July 13th

What? Ashley asks when Neil stops kissing her to say that he’s not sure this is what he wants. You disgusting son of a …. you dug into Philip’s casket?! Jill sputters in fury. Kyle was drunk and he only got a little …. You brought this on yourself, Jack... Read more

Thursday, July 12th

No sooner has Kyle told Jack that the lab will have the DNA results done by the end of the day, a furious Jill shows up at the front door. Yes, she spoke to Ester – where’s your miscreant son? This crazy notion that you’re Philip’s son has got to... Read more

Wednesday, July 11th

Kyle finds Ashley pulling files out of Billy’s desk (since the CEO isn’t at work yet) She’s looking into Jabot’s new expenses – she can’t find the title for the boat or where the money came from. Sorry, Kyle can’t look into it – Ashley needs to question Jaboat’s captain.... Read more

Tuesday, July 10th

Summer finds her Mom struggling with a TV dinner – let’s go get some real food. Agreeing, Phyllis is going to surprise Billy (at work) with take out. No, you can’t, Summer blurts out. At home, Nick’s not surprised that Sharon’s jumpy (after seeing JT). He gets a text from... Read more

Monday, July 9th

Billy puts his framed photo of ‘Jaboat’ in his desk drawer when Summer enters his office. No, he didn’t get her back yet, but he has a plan; more poker. Summer worries that people will notice the boat missing soon and feels guilty for her role in Billy losing it.... Read more

Friday, July 6th

As Kyle digs up Philip’s grave by flashlight, Ester awakens to call 911 – there’s an intruder at the Chancellor estate – hurry! He IS alive! Nikki’s shaking like a leaf. Sharon thinks JT revealing himself (outside her home) was a warning – he’s come back for us. Maybe he’s... Read more

Thursday, July 5th

Inside Jabot, Summer consoles Billy, who previously lost the yacht deal in a game of cards. Billy realizes that those who said he wasn’t mature enough to run the company were right. So.. how do we avoid public humiliation? Well, what the media doesn’t know wont hurt them – or... Read more

Wednesday, July 4th

Jack arrives at the Abbott mansion eager to prep Dina for testifying in court. Hearing that Ashley’s not there, Jack’s annoyed – what’s she doing that’s so important? he asks Kyle. Neil’s sent an urgent summons to Ashley. At the penthouse, he tells her that a story is about to... Read more