Wednesday, January 30th

At Jabot, Lauren scolds Kyle for making a personal call on company time. It was work related, a smooth Kyle’s then told to focus on today’s photo shoot. He’s got this very important project under control. Told that hot models have been booked, Lauren expects Kyle to come through on... Read more

Tuesday, January 29th, 2019

At CL’s, Kyle cracks jokes until he finally manages to get Lola’s attention. She’s been so busy prepping her menu etc. that she couldn’t even attend her brother’s engagement party. The restaurant is set to open in three weeks. Kyle tries to convince Lola to delegate and go out for... Read more

Monday, January 28th, 2019

Victor’s pleased that Katie’s back to visit (with her Mom) and after she ‘runs along’, Victor tells Vikki that she had an imaginary friend too as a child – it’s a sign of intelligence. Now, before they talk business, Victor has something to ask Vikki. In Phyllis’ office, Kyle’s on... Read more

Friday, January 25th, 2019

Nick comes down to ask Phyllis how she slept in the guest room. Well – and did Nick think about what he learned last night? Yes – he thought of nothing else but is struggling to take Phyllis at her word. Sharon is just as involved, she reiterates. Don’t believe... Read more

Thursday, January 24th, 2019

At the Ashby home, Neil’s taking the kids to see their Mom. I already checked with your Dad, he can’t make it this time, he glares a warning at Cane. Encouraged by Rey to go ahead, Arturo pops the question to Abby. The applause when she accepts and hugs him... Read more

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2019

Summoned to the apartment, Arturo looks worried. Ray has a serious question to ask – will you be my best man? Mia is at crimson lights, struggling to carry a box that arrived in the mail; her wedding dress. Catching the box as it’s about to fall, Billy flirts with... Read more

Monday, January 21st, 2019

I’m having a hard time typing today so using voice to text. Please excuse any typos and names being misspelled etc. At CL’s, Mike goes all fanboy with Sharon and Nick when he hears Fen’s song playing. Assured that their Dad’s visit with Mom went well, the kids leave Cane... Read more

Friday, January 18th, 2019

When Cane comes home to inform Mattie that he’s going to visit Lily tonight, she’s suspicious. Cane just feels like being spontaneous and misses his wife. Meanwhile, Billy’s waiting to visit Lily. Seconds after Arturo meets Abby at CL’s (with flowers) Rey comes along. Sharon overhears his advice – when... Read more

Thursday, January 17th, 2019

Thank God you’re a terrible shot, Victor quips as he rounds the corner to surprise Nikki. I’m so glad you’re home – how is it possible? she hugs him. At CL’s, Mariah talks to Nick about being all over the news (defending his Dad) He’s sure his Dad’s innocent and... Read more