Thursday, June 16th

At home, Billy finishes talking to Johnny and thanks Hannah for updating Vikki on the change of plans this weekend. Hanging up, Billy pauses to flashback to hugging Phyllis – wishing he could hold her away from prying eyes. At the club, Jack snaps Phyllis out of her daydreaming to... Read more

Wednesday, June 15th

As Sharon’s about to feed Sully, Mariah bursts in – there’s been an accident. Call 911 right now! Hurry! There’s no dial tone, Sharon runs for her cell. There’s a woman and a baby in the other car! OMG! Sharon gasps as a bloodied Sage plods in – you were... Read more

Tuesday, June 14th

We need to talk, Jack shouts at Billy’s front door (seeing his car and knowing he’s home) Billy opens the door buttoning his shirt. Maybe I’m interrupting, Jack frowns. At the risk of sounding cynical, Ian wonders when Adam’s ever helped him. Adam vows he’ll help Ian escape – after... Read more

Monday, June 13th

At the penthouse, Mike informs that the lab tech wasn’t paid off by Victor. He bought a boat! Adam sputters. He fudged results for Dr Neville’s drug trial, Mike adds that his experts weren’t able to prove Sage’s journal was faked. Ian’s testimony is all we have. In his solitary... Read more

Friday, June 10th

At Billy’s the debate continues. Phyllis loves Jack. We have to tell him, Billy insists – today. Someone will tell him – my pretend girlfriend doesn’t have a filter. We can explain to Jack. But how can Phyllis explain what she doesn’t understand herself? After Lily reluctantly calls 911, Hilary’s... Read more

Thursday, June 9th

Packing up at Sharon’s, Paul and Dylan must go to the ‘source’ for info. Now knowing that it’s not Victor after all, they must regroup. Dylan sees only one question that needs to be answered – why was Hilary Hamilton paying this guy off? On the patio, Ashley rants to... Read more

Wednesday, June 8th

Did you follow me here? Vikki asks. Nick’s there (at Hank’s) because Vikki shouldn’t be. You’re crossing the line, she scowls. Who are you? Travis wonders. I’m her brother, who the hell are you? Nick glares menacingly. On the rooftop deck, Luca’s online looking at a profile of Travis Crawford... Read more

Tuesday, June 7th

At home, Paul shows Dylan the results of his investigation – our tech has been on a spending spree – the money trail is obvious. Is he THAT stupid? Only one way to find out. Dylan and Paul head out. Chelsea tells Mike what she heard from Dylan; a lab... Read more

Monday, June 6th

At the club, Paul updates Chris that he’s investigating another angle to Adam’s case – Victor could have had the autopsy results altered to frame his son. Chris huffs – come ON, who’s side are you on?? Ian stops bu Victor’s table – you look melancholy – shall I call... Read more

Friday, June 3rd

Again? Ashley visits Billy – GCM is going to start charging you rent. Billy’s fine – his ego took the worst of it. He grumbles that Jack wasted no time blabbing that he had a female passenger. Ashley scolds him – a lot of people love you – you have... Read more