Monday, December 17th

With a thump, Reed and Charlie wonder if they hit something. Nikki laying on the ground, Reed stops Charlie from getting out to check. I’ll drive you home – forget this happened. Now home, Charlie and Reed hiss at one another so as not to wake Cane up (which neither... Read more

Friday, December 14th

Lose track of time? Jack turns the TV off as Billy’s munching popcorn and watching a Christmas movie marathon (preferable to watching Phyllis prance around with Nick at Jabot’s ‘Holiday Party’) This is exactly where I want to be, Billy assures. As Mia does her makeup, Phyllis reads texts from... Read more

Wednesday, December 12th

Vikki and Nikki assure Reed that Victor didn’t kill his Dad – JT has a lot of enemies. When Mariah comes home, Tessa loudly awakens from her nightmare (which Mariah blames on Nikki and Vikki terrorizing her) Tessa needs to go out for some air – talking about what happened... Read more

Tuesday, December 11th

‘I come in peace’, Cane’s at Devon’s to apologize. Inviting him in briefly, Devon’s got a lot of work to do. Mentioning Neil, Devon assumes that’s why Cane’s checking up on him. Billy’s at Vikki’s hoping they can both talk to Reed (who comes down and runs out without talking... Read more

Monday, December 10th

Yes, we’re alone. Take a breath, Vikki calms her Mom down. The person who’s been tormenting us has been in my house, my bedroom – and left these (the clothes we buried JT in) They were laid out on the bed – someone’s mocking me, Nikki frets. Vikki wonders how... Read more

Friday, December 7th

Waiting at CL’s, Mariah sends Tessa a text – aren’t you coming? Why are you ignoring me now? Hood over her head, Tessa’s phone goes off beside her as she pleads with whoever’s driving – please, you don’t have to do this! At home, Charlie’s on the phone with Shawna.... Read more

Tuesday, December 4th

Another day starts with Nikki still unable to reach Victor – Summer hasn’t heard from him either. Has something happened to him? she frets again. No, Vikki’s sure her Dad’s fine and busy working. Getting a call, Nikki’s disappointed that it’s Rey – he wants her and Vikki at the... Read more