Monday, December 3rd

OMG! Watching the stables burn, Nikki and Vikki are about to hop out of the car to rescue the horses and stable hands when Rey jumps in to stop them by saying that all are safe. Yes, he can order the Newmans off the property because this is an ongoing... Read more

Friday, November 30th

Mike joins Lauren at the club as she’s plastering on makeup (Kerry’s new colours) And tonight we’re going to a party being hosted by a new makeup artist in town. Mike’s distracted – doesn’t that guy over there look like Fenmore? Hi Mom, hi Dad (it is indeed Fen) Shawna’s... Read more

Wednesday, November 28th

Finding Summer in her office Skyping with Victor, Phyllis swivels the screen around to issue a weak warning to Victor. Have a good trip – I’m so looking forward to seeing you, Victor cuts Phyllis off then signs off. Phyllis and Summer now argue about her working for Victor (something... Read more

Tuesday, November 27th

Surprise! Cane, the twins and Nate barge into Devon’s loaded down with food. Yes, it is an ambush – Nate figured Devon would come up with an excuse not to be here if they gave him a heads up. At CL’s, Mariah confides in Sharon – she’s numb but now... Read more

Monday, November 26th

Wheeling her suitcase in, Mariah’s surprised to find Tessa up and waiting to confront her. Vikki was here – you told them I was the blackmailer, she accuses. Nikki’s at Vikki’s to credit her with the way she handled Tessa – well done, darling. Vikki’s proud of herself too –... Read more

Friday, November 23rd

Coming into the kitchen bare-chested, Rey’s pounced on by Mia who explains that she went to see Arturo at work to get a rise of him (so to speak) Now, do you have the passion to save their marriage or what?? Rey is up to the challenge! At Nick’s, Phyllis... Read more

Thursday, November 22nd

The Abbott’s gather in their dining room. Noting a card reserving a place for Kerry, Traci’s updated. Abby’s then surprised to see her mom’s name on a card. In Rey’s apartment, Mia and Lola butt heads in the kitchen. Mia’s annoyed that Rey has business to attend to before joining... Read more

Tuesday, November 20th

Impressed with Dark Horse, Vikki invites Nick and the kids to Thanksgiving at her place. He pulls a face hearing she actually plans to cook. Mom and Dad will be there (he’s due back from Singapore tomorrow) You can make amends over making fun of my cooking. Nick hoped to... Read more