Friday, January 26th

At the club’s bar, Hilary’s frustrated when a phone call interrupts her work. But when learning her test results are in, her bad mood evaporates as she grabs her stuff and flies out. Her first day as Devon’s assistant, Tessa goes overboard in listing what she’s done and what she... Read more

Thursday, January 25th

At GCM, JT washes back a pill with water. Vikki approaches her Mom and brother at their table at the club. Nick’s stunned to hear that JT moved in with her. Mentioning a previous fight, this time she’s annoyed that JT isn’t there to meet her to work out –... Read more

Wednesday, January 24th

Over morning coffee, Lily and Cane are both tired. Sorry that Sam woke Lily up, Cane declines her offer to help with feedings – and her help when the nanny calls in sick. Cane has a Plan B. JT comes home from dropping the kids off at school. When the... Read more

Tuesday, January 23rd

Hilary’s is in the waiting area of a Dr Sarah Chasen. Mike’s at Jack’s house to make sure he’s composed and ready for today’s arbitration hearing. A Judge will decide who’s to be Jabot’s CEO. That will be me, Jack’s sure. They then find Ashley and her attorney in the... Read more

Monday, January 22nd

Nick and Chelsea’s make-out session is interrupted when Nick gets a call – what?! I’m on my way. He has to go tend to a pipe burst himself. He and Nikki are taking care of whatever they can themselves to cut costs. Chelsea’s left looking lonely. At Jabot, Phyllis tells... Read more

Friday, January 19th

Ding dong. Why didn’t JT use his key? And miss seeing Vikki’s beautiful face when she opens the door? As JT brings his luggage inside, Vikki looks absolutely besotted. Finding Phyllis in Jack’s office and hearing he’s not there today, Billy’s sure they can put the office to good use... Read more

Thursday, January 18th

Vikki’s at home video chatting with Abby (who rambles on about the BnS expansion until she realizes that Vikki’s more interested in whoever she’s texting (JT) I’ll find out your secret, she vows with a smile; not believing that Vikki’s distracted by a full workload. Mariah’s looking for her journal... Read more

Wednesday, January 17th

Jack and Ashley find the door to Dina’s suite ajar. Barging in, they find Graham on the floor – Dina’s missing. Ashley tries to revive Graham while Jack calls 911 to summon help. There’s a man down, no pulse, needle sticking out of his arm. Ester reluctantly lets Hilary in... Read more

Tuesday, January 16th

Enjoying a glass of wine overlooking ‘the city of lights’, Abby gushes over the photos of Lily on her tablet. They don’t even need to do another shoot tonight so can do some sightseeing before Lily leaves tomorrow. Lily fondly remembers watching a sunset with Cane in France. ‘The view... Read more

Monday, January 15th

Driving through Paris, Cane tells his cab driver that he needs to find his wife (‘ma femme’) and save his marriage. At the estate, JT’s already given Billy an update on today’s schedule – check your email Mr Temporary CEO. As Billy checks his phone to ‘refresh himself’, JT’s busy... Read more