Friday, May 28th, 2021

When Phyllis drops by her suite, Summer unbottles her emotions. One minute I’m celebrating a future with Kyle, the next we’re waiting for confirmation that he’s a Father. Phyllis thinks it was wise to put the wedding on hold. Summer’s not so sure – wouldn’t all this be easier if... Read more

Thursday, May 27th, 2021

The plaque at Society reads; Music gives a soul to the universe wings to the mind flight to the imagination life to everything. In loving memory of Neil Winters. Reading the plaque, a sad Devon flashes back to Neil and Dru welcoming him to the Winters family. At ChanceCom, Moses... Read more

Wednesday, May 26th, 2021

At the penthouse, jazz playing in the background, Devon and Lily pat themselves on the back – Neil would have loved this tribute; it’ll pull people into his world in a way they’d never expect. Not thrilled when Sally joins him at Society, Ashland has no time for games –... Read more

Tuesday, May 25th, 2021

Nick’s at Jack’s to get right to it. He knows that Kyle fathered Tara Locke’s son. We’re having a DNA test done to confirm that, Jack’s well aware that Summer’s life will be affected. Ashland only knows about the affair. Tara comes in to introduce herself. I know who you... Read more

Monday, May 24th, 2021

Victor joins Adam at Society just as he finishes a call with the lawyer trying to have the restraining order lifted (that’s preventing him from seeing Connor) No, his Dad can’t help. So, let’s get to work on our new media company. Where am I? Awakened by a visiting Rey,... Read more

Friday, May 21st, 2021

Why are you home from work so early? Phyllis asks. Summer didn’t sleep well last night so is going to take a nap (while Kyle asks Jack if Tara and Harrison can move into the Abbott house) Phyllis is sure Jack will want to know why Kyle’s taking such an... Read more

Thursday, May 20th, 2021

Summer wakes Kyle up – you need to get to work. She’s sorry he had trouble falling asleep last night – have you changed your mind on claiming custody? No, Kyle can’t turn his back on his son. He will get a paternity test, but next step is telling his... Read more

Wednesday, May 19th, 2021

Billy’s rushed Lily to CL’s for a meeting with a realtor. Why wait? Surprise. Lily doesn’t seem thrilled. Over drinks at Society, Vikki maintains a smile as she ambiguously pushes Ashland’s buttons; about their deal (or lack thereof) She heard he signed Victor’s contract under duress. Locke downplays his heart... Read more

Tuesday, May 18th, 2021

No, Phyllis doesn’t want her only employee (the poor lady who only owns one drab, green dress) to call upstairs to Summer’s suite – she just talked someone else out of contacting her. Upstairs, Ashland’s not a man who’s accustomed to waiting – where’s my wife and son? I can... Read more

Monday, Thursday May 17th, 2021

Nick and Jack are growing impatient. Determined to keep the party going, Abby asks Mariah to turn the music up. And Phyllis asks Nick to lighten up. No, don’t call Summer. OK, but only if Phyllis tells him what’s going on. Jack leaves Summer a message (since Kyle didn’t pick... Read more